Eminem Talks Addiction and Lil Wayne Diss, Reveals Near Death From Overdose [Video]


Shady emcee Eminem opens up to fans about an addiction that almost cost him his life.

In an interview with HLN, Eminem describes why he never admitted to having a drug problem until now.

“In Hip-Hop you don’t want to come across as weak and to me the addiction was a weakness,” Eminem said. “But in order for me to overcome it, I had to admit that I had a weakness.”

When asked about the severity of his drug addiction, the Detroit bred emcee admits that it was very severe.

“Not to make this moment intense, but I almost died,” Em continued. “I was a couple of hours away from death, I overdosed and almost died.”

In other Eminem news, Mathers recently sat down in an interview with SPIN magazine to discuss the leaked track “Talkin 2 Myself.”

The single, which was leaked last week, caused speculation after fans started venturing that the track was a diss record but unclear who were the intended targets.

Em, who is no stranger to beef, reveals that the track was initially a diss record for Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne.

In the interview, Em stated that during his battle with the addiction he grew increasingly jealous of Lil’ Wayne and his success.

“I thought, ‘Man, I can do that Isht. He ain’t that dope,” Em said in the interview with SPIN. “I’m hearing this dude say some clever, witty Isht and I’m not doing it, so I feel f**ked up.”

Eminem also discussed the decision not to release the diss track stating:

“It would have been career suicide, they would have f**kin’ murdered me.”

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  • pantherbaby

    I see positive change in Mr.M that’s good and I hope others in hip hop take notice about squashing beefs and quitting drugs that’s a good look M.

  • Much respect for Eminem. I wonder why he felt so jealous? He owns a record label with Dre, has had more hits than most rappers, and he’s a better actor than most rap stars. He just gotta step to the forefront again.

  • ronnie

    That was a smart move not dissin lil wayne! He himself states they would have murdered him and that’s the truth! Lil wayne is a lyric geneius

    • andrew

      i dissagree because in some of lil waynes interviews he states em would kill him… but eminem knew he could not take on 2 rappers that are poppular

    • Jesica

      He was refering to him being in that state and time. Now there’s no competition for em

    • Xandy10

      If you pay attention to the lyrics on eminems entire album he disses wayne on almost every track. One of the best disses is the song seduction.

  • slim1

    em is the best mc right now he will kill anyone in the game.kanya suck an lil wayne is ok he just has alot of fans.em is to crazy for them

  • esco

    @ronnie-weezy a lyrical genius? u lost in the sauce wayne a mediocre rapper at best.i dont even know why em bothers workin wit this clown

    • Nikki

      That’s exactly what Wayne is… A CLOWN!!! He sucks balls for a living!

  • watchme

    eminem destroyed lil wayne in this track. he dissed lil wayne in his verse … read between the lines!!!!!

  • g

    wow he has changed and im a proud fan he is one of the greatest damn rappers imagine rap without him? i dont even like much rap but eminem he is different much respect for him turning his ife around and hitting harder then ever. much love Eminem .

  • Deborah

    Eminem jealous of Wayne and West? Hardly believable! Eminem is the beast though.

  • Jitty

    I really wish Em would have went after Kanye and Wayne. Em is 100x’s the rapper either of those 2 are. Em’s a beast. Wayne and Kanye are garbage.

  • Em is 100x’s the rapper either of those 2 are. Em’s a beast.

  • Wayne and Kanye are garbage.

  • johnny

    The reason why he was jealous is cause he was dealing with an addiction and could’nt rap Why he said they would have murdered him its because hesaddicted and could not write anything…obvious 2 ‘was’ gonna do that…so tell them not to f*** with em now.