With albums sales going down and headphones sales skyrocketing, do you think Dr. Dre is in any rush to release Detox? Of course not, so why not produce a horror movie? According to Variety, Dr. Dre will produce a movie entitled Thaw with Crucial Films partner Daniel Schnider, who originated the idea.

Shady emcee Eminem opens up to fans about an addiction that almost cost him his life. In an interview with HLN, Eminem describes why he never admitted to having a drug problem until now. “In Hip-Hop you don’t want to come across as weak and to me the addiction was a weakness,” Eminem said. “But […]

Rapper Dr. Dre’s case against his former record label has been thrown out by a California judge. In February, Dr. Dre sued WIDEawake Death Row Records (previously known as Death Row Records) for putting out a new version of his classic album “The Chronic.” Dre felt the album violated his rights of trademark and publicity. […]

“This one, my lyrics are better, my lyrics are on another level.” BREAKING NEWS!!!  Somebody call the Hip-Hop police, this could be a state of emergency. According to rapper Soulja Boy, his upcoming third LP, Dre, will feature the young entertainer in a new lane as he is looking to step his lyrical game up […]

Hip-Hop Legends and internationally acclaimed group, Goodie M.O.b hit the road on the second half of their reunion tour.  Kicking it off this past Thursday in Houston, Texas, with stops also in New Orleans, Austin and tonight in Dallas, Cee-Lo, Big Gipp, Khujo, and T-Mo have been rocking sold out shows as they performed such […]

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson will be flooding local retail stores as his latest film, Streets of Blood, is set to hit shelves tomorrow. Aside from the rapper, the film stars the likes of Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone and the R-rated film is directed by Charles Winkler. Originally slated to hit the box office and […]

Big Boi’s moving labels. ½ of the infamous ATL duo OutKast confirmed Thursday that he is leaving Jive and signing to Def Jam. He’s made it no secret that he’s been dissatisfied with Jive and even referred to working with them as “shucking and jiving.” Now Big Boi admits that the deal with Def Jam […]

The “R” is ready to make his entrance back into the game and preparing to drop a new album, The Seventh Seal, this fall. Scheduled to drop the first single “Holy Are You” on July 28th, Rakim’s new album will be released on his own label Ra Records in a joint venture with Tuscan Villa […]