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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson will be flooding local retail stores as his latest film, Streets of Blood, is set to hit shelves tomorrow. Aside from the rapper, the film stars the likes of Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone and the R-rated film is directed by Charles Winkler.

Originally slated to hit the box office and be shown in theatres, it was reported that the movie studio Anchor Bay bought the film distribution rights to the movie. Anchor Bay is known to distribute movies straight to video or DVD in this case.

The premise of Streets Of Blood surrounds around the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disaster that it has left since hitting New Orleans, Louisiana. Crime has reached an all time high in the city and corruption has dropped to a new set of lows. Since the city was hit, it seems as though it has now become the survival of the fittest and people have been forced to sink or swim by any means.

As violence continues to erupt, the task is placed in front of Jackson and Kilmer’s characters, as cops, to aid in cleaning up the streets of the filth that inhabits it. In a lawless city these two must find a way to maintain order as criminals try to set their own rules to live by. As corruption is nothing new to the police force, their integrity comes into question as well due to Kilmer’s characters violent history. Along with his past, Jackson’s character also has a dark secret of his own. As the police psychiatrist, Stone worries that the two may have been morally compromised as they are forced to deal with the chaos that New Orleans has become.

This film will be another mark in the movie career of Jackson. Along with this film, he will be starring in the upcoming horror-flick Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde alongside Forest Whitaker as the main characters, and will also appear on an episode of HBO’s Entourage this season.

As it pertains to music, Jackson, fortunately, is still set to release his long-awaited Before I Self Destruct. It’s been a few days and there’s been no word of a pushback, so maybe just maybe it’ll actually be coming at the end of September.