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“This one, my lyrics are better, my lyrics are on another level.”

BREAKING NEWS!!!  Somebody call the Hip-Hop police, this could be a state of emergency.

According to rapper Soulja Boy, his upcoming third LP, Dre, will feature the young entertainer in a new lane as he is looking to step his lyrical game up exponentially.

*jaw drop*

Can the world REALLY handle lyrics on ANOTHER LEVEL from the “Crank Dat” phenom?

During an interview with BET, the rapper elaborated on more plans that he has for the upcoming project and who he has already tagged onto the release.

“My beats are on another level.  I’m richer. I look better and I’m more successful, it’s an upgrade. I been in the studio with Kanye, rocking. I haven’t been in the studio with Rihanna yet, but she said she wants to get something done. Shouts out to Drake, been in the studio with Drake. Been in the studio with Nicki Minaj, I got something.   Shouts out to Trey Songz, I was just in the studio with him.  I got something on there.  Ray J, Snoop Dogg, that’s about it.”

Well folks, that means no more alphabet soup rhymes from Soulja, but the end result is anyone’s guess.  Let’s just hope for the best.

YAHHH trick YAHHHH.  Remember that?

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