In the 40 years that Hip-Hop has existed, these are but a few (well, 15) of the most saccharine rap videos to ever grace the screen.

Soulja Boy: The Movie Trailer Soulja Boy may have only been in the rap game for five years, but that won’t stop DeAndre Way from releasing a movie based on his rise to fame. The documentary Soulja Boy: The Movie, directed by Peter Spirer (filmmaker of Notorious B.I.G.’s Bigger Than Life and Tupac Shakur’s Thug […]

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Soulja Boy Tell’em featuring Lil B – “30 Thousand 100 Million” We almost posted the lyrics to this masterpiece just so fans can see the witty wordplay being displayed by the emcee known to the world as Soulja Boy. Here he joins forces with the Based god Lil B to bring you the one hundred […]

Soulja Boy – “Juiced Up Promo” [Video] As Soulja Boy readies himself to star in the remake of the cult classic film, Juice, he also dropped this promo vid for his Juice mixtape. Check out the new “Bishop” leaning. Check out more hot videos here.

“What really made me write this book is I really just sat down and looked at what I did. I made my first million dollars when I was 16 years old…I just wanna tell all the people how I did it.” Soulja Boy Tell Em is continuing to prepare for the release of his upcoming […]