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In the 40 years that Hip-Hop has existed, these are but a few (well, 15) of the most saccharine rap videos to ever grace the screen.

If you’ve never heard any rap, but were privy to the opinions of an educated few, you’d think that the culture is full of superheroes. Giant, intelligent men (and women) who are able to leap audio tracks in a single bound. Au contraire, mon frere! The game and its respective soundscape has changed in the last 20 years, as more rappers are embracing their feminine sides for more exposure and record sales.

Some of the most romantic raps ever disseminated through the airwaves have happened as recently as the last 15 years. Who would have thought that we’d see such titans as LL Cool J or the Wu-Tang Clan waxing poetic about matters of the heart?

With some of the hardest hit-makers in Hip-Hop going from dodging bullets to singing love notes, we decided to take a closer look at the softer side of the culture. Check out our 15 Most Charmin Soft Rap Videos of All Time below!

Photo: Tumblr

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