In the 40 years that Hip-Hop has existed, these are but a few (well, 15) of the most saccharine rap videos to ever grace the screen.

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When Jay-Z is the headliner to his own festival, he brings out all the stops. Yesterday at the first day of the “Made In America” Festival, Hov came out to The Throne’s “Made In America,” of course, before kicking things off with “P.S.A.” After Barack Obama delivered a special message near the start of the set—urging […]

Young Chris – “Devil In A New Dress”

Young Chris – “I’m A Boss”  

J. Cole

Deemed the youngest in charge and the only member of the old Roc-A-Fella that still has faith in Jay Z, Young Chris has continued to stay on his grind and allow the music speak for his passion, as opposed to just crying about what his former boss did. Teaming up with Don Cannon, the other […]

“Jay ain’t come out with his first album til he was 27, Reasonable Doubt. I ain’t even 27 yet, my first was 20, Tough Luv.” While some members of the past Roc-La-Familia continue to bicker and have their gripes about the alleged side business that Jay was part of, Young Chris has chosen to not […]

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Back in 2003 when Roc-A-Fella was still thriving with success, the two youngest in charge served as the next in line to hit the mainstream.  Known as Young Chris and Neef, the Young Gunz exploded onto the scene with “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” off their debut Tough Luv. The next project, however, didn’t fair so […]