Back in 2003 when Roc-A-Fella was still thriving with success, the two youngest in charge served as the next in line to hit the mainstream.  Known as Young Chris and Neef, the Young Gunz exploded onto the scene with “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” off their debut Tough Luv.

The next project, however, didn’t fair so well as the walls of the Dynasty were beginning to crumble and soon the promising duo faded to black, until now.

With Young Chris continuing his music grind, recently releasing The Network mixtape and preparing the second helping, he has linked back up with his brother from another as they plan to bring the sequel to their 2004 debut album.

Speaking with Vibe, the duo elaborated on their future plans and how Jay-Z may have a hand in the project.

“Paper work is everything, so due to the split up with Def Jam, it’s taken longer for the deal to happen,” Chris said in an interview about their third group project. “Right now we have a deal on the table and it’s a toss up between Roc Nation and Interscope… Wherever I go Jay-Z and Mark Ronson are executive producing it together. So that’s a great balance.

“A lot of people come in this game and they get put together,” Neef added. “We came up from nothing to something. That’s really my brother from another. Right after Chris, we are going to get to Tough Luv 2 and give the fans that Young Gunz. We are just giving the people what they want.”

Chris previously spoke on the fact that when Jay left the Def Jam imprint, part of his deal with Roc Nation made it so he would be unable to bring any of his old friends with him from the Roc.  As a result, he has been forced to start from scratch and build his brand again from the ground up.

Rapper Memphis Bleek also added how issues with Def Jam affected his project as well as the Gunz as they weren’t given the right amount of attention which could only make an artist want to leave a situation where he/she feels that he/she is not wanted.

Now with the Young Gunz back intact, all that’s left up next is to rally up State Property and bring that Chain Gang back to the scene.

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