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St. Lunatic Nelly has decided to expose groupie turned celebrity Kat Stacks, stating that he feels that she is mentally unstable.

In an interview with, Nelly states that Kat Stacks gained fame from lies based off of vague or incomplete information.

She knows [saying I slept with her] wasn’t true,” Nelly said in the interview. “You can make up these lies because everything you’re saying is generic. You’re not saying specifics as if you dated a person like you said for two months.

If you dated somebody for two months, you should know specifics. You shouldn’t be reading numbers off a piece of paper. Then you’re reading it wrong, you Fawked the number up. You should know a hotel or a venue where you and this person was at.

You said The Hit Factory, well d*mn, that’s a studio. Everybody knows Hit Factory in Miami, everybody knows [Lil] Wayne is at the Hit Factory in Miami. That’s not a secret.”

Nelly states that his argument back in April stated the same after Kat Stacks attempted to blast him, claiming that she slept with the rapper while he was dating on again, off again girlfriend Ashanti.

“This is what I tried to tell people, this girl is crazy and they don’t understand,” Nelly continued. “I said in an interview [before], ‘Yo, this girl has a problem and that was just the tip of the iceberg.’

She’s mental and I’m really worried about her because when people are mental like that, they do things without thinking about consequences. That’s what separates the sane from the insane…The biggest surprise is how can you still be Fawking with her after all this Shyte. That’s the biggest surprise.”

Words to live by Soulja Boy and the rest of you rappers out there that keep getting caught up…

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