BREAKING NEWS!!! Lil Boosie Indicted On 1st Degree Murder Charge…Could Face Death Penalty


Louisiana bred emcee Lil’ Boosie has officially been indicted on first degree murder from an incident in October that cost one man his life.

According to CBS News affiliate WAFB, the grand jury handed down the charges for Boosie, whose real name is Torrance Hatch, for his alleged role in the murder of Terry Boyd.

According to police,  Boosie and two men, Michael Louding and Adrian Pittman, who were also charged with first degree murder, fired shots into Boyd’s home and allegedly was in possession of ecstasy, codeine and marijuana.

All three men were charged with conspiracy for their part in the act, police say.

A district attorney said the death penalty was not out of the question.

Below are the charges that Lil Boosie faces according to court records:


Status: already incarcerated at Dixon Correctional Institute

1st Degree Murder of Terry Boyd, 35, shot to death inside his residence at 16837 Vermillion Drive on 10/21/09. The shots were fired from outside home through a window.

3 counts PWITD Narcotics (Schedule II-Codeine, Schedule I-Ecstacy and Schedule I-Marijuana)

3 counts Conspiracy to commit PWITD Narcotics

2 counts Conspiracy to Introduce Contraband into a Penal Institution  

Boosie, who is currently incarcerated after a judge order him to serve time for probation violation, has also been indicted for conspiring with a girlfriend, another inmate and a former correctional officer of smuggling in synthetic marijuana, marijuana pills and codeine into the prison.

In addition to Lil’ Boosie, Pittman, and Louding, District Attorneys also state that Jared Williams, Kendrick Johnson, Johnathan Rogers and Ryan “Sneaks” Carroll have all been charged with first degree murders.

Carroll and Rogers are both minors, but will be charged as adults. 

Lil Boosie is already incarcerated at Dixon Correctional Institute. 

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  • jack

    Dam. Where did it all go wrong?

    • lo

      ………………………”FREE LIL BOOSIE”………………………



  • DeeVaC

    when keepin’ it real goes too far.

  • Mz. DestinII

    Damn i love this dude…. I’ve been listening to him for YYYEEEAARRRSSS!!!! He’s loved down here. He’s always out here in Hattiesburg man ugh…. I hope they find him innocent… but then again it’s Louisiana and he’s black so prob not…

  • 2250

    It’s nussie…terry Boyd is not nussie…nussie name is Christopher Jackson…I’m from BR and all I can say is boosie said it best “what goes up must come down”…but it ain’t bout keepn it real boosie jus a bottom boy fa life no matter how famous he get

  • Don

    I remember when a homeboy of mines was murdered in ’08 and Lil Boosie attended the funeral and spoke kindly of the deceased, and urged many of us in attendance to reconsider our destructive lifestyles.

    If the man had only taken his own advice.

  • melchizodok

    chics come home 2 roost if its tru

  • ME


  • roccitychic

    WOW, some of these so called rappers are talking this gangster lifestyle to the head. Hope he enjoys life in prison. Maybe we will see him on Lockup on MSNBC

  • iggy

    They shoulda never gave you n*ggas money…

    • Tip


  • Nun like Baton Rouge

    I dont think its about him being hard. If he did the crime he will pay the time with no problems. If he as true as his lyrics he wont snitch.

  • P kat

    i guess u can take em out the hood but neva the hood out them. I love boosie musiq hes a great artist but hey looks like he in for the long ride. Dumb choices. He had it all. He shud have left dem streets!!! Dam mr bankroll!!!!

  • WTF

    I hate when people make it a race issue and think the nobody cares about him because he’s black. ATTENTION BLACK PPL!!! EVERY MEMBER OF LAW ENFORCEMENT IS NOT OUT TO GET YOU!!! THAT IS ALL!!

    People don’t understand that 1st degree murder is a very serious charge and they don’t just slap that on anybody…the evidence has to be on point to get a conviction. Had the ni99a did what other smart rappers do and leave the lifestyle behind to make that honest money, he wouldn’t be in this mess. Moral of this story…who’s fault is it….. B-O-O-S-I-E-B-A-D-A-Z-Z

  • WTF

    And its sad to see people glorifying Boosie but no one speaks on the brotha thats dead and gone right now….more than likely over some dumb ish. F*** this ni99a and his “music”, think about the brotha life he took. I swear black ppl priorities is ALL jacked up!! Lemme guess…ya’ll think a white man killed him and is blamin boosie….smdh



  • pantydroppa

    Wow!!! This is messed up fa real. And he still haven’t learned becuz he tried to get drugs while in jail..smh!! Poor gonna miss u homie. “Cold Blooded” lol

  • Lena

    yeah except Lindsay didn’t kill anyone, retard.


    1ST OF ALL…its not a racial issue…2nd…we dont know what happened all we kno is that he got his with murder and pwid chargers….3rd…I dont know who Boyd or Nussie is…but I been beatin Boosie since his underground days…when half of you didnt even know who Boosie Boo was…so excuse me for using my 1st amendment rights and sayin that this is a sad time for the Southern Rap game…Boosie was on everybody tracks/records/etc…southern music mainly ish outta Louisianna wont be the same without Boosie…

  • Beneteau

    What do you expect from monkeys?

  • whats really going on??

  • peachcobblerNY

    So sad too bad………He should’ve taken a page from Webbie and just left that “street thuggin” alone.

  • peachcobblerNY

    I agree with your reply!!

    You don’t have to be “thuggin” to make it, go to school get your education and do what you’re suppose to do, it’s so much easier in life. Not to mention the stress it leaves the families in victims/suspects. Nobody wins!

    So sad, that “thuggin” is glorified by so many youth don’t know any better and is not being taught.

  • Just Did

    Sorry but our justice system is jacked….not to say that if a person commits a crime they shouldn’t be punished, but how in the world can you indict a rapper on murder charges (Lil Boosie), but fail to indict the CEO of BP when he is responsible for the death of 11 OIL RIG WORKERS…. I guess it’s true justice is blind but not def cause apparently Money Talks.

  • Getithowitis

    I did a show with Boosie and even talked
    with him he was nice and kind and gave me words of encouragement. People can say wat they want but blacks are not the only ones killing each other. And another thing is crackers r jus as screwed up as sum blacks. It’s not even bout wat color u are ignorance comes in all shades. This is very unfortunate for Boosie I wish him the best and he should always remember to keep God 1st. A friend of mind got murdered in his yard jus a few houses down from me and was a good nonviolent person. All I can say is the devil is busy and the end is near. Who am I to judge a man when I a man myself………..

  • Jenifer

    Good! One less n!gg@h on the street to terrorize people. If he don’t get the death penalty, I hope he rots in jail. I swear we as Black people need to get our priorities straight.

  • wow this is not cool!!! hope its ok for him

  • Heather


  • smdh

    some of u are speakn pure ignorance if yall miss the n***a so much y dnt u go join him, his music was aight at best with that annoyin a** voice of his, at some point in your life you have to grow the f**k up, especially if you have children, life is too short for all this nonsense, yall speakn of him like he put money in yall pocket, but some of you seem to like it so to each its own

  • Auxigen Thablet

    Man that is very true.We the black should get our priorities straight.WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM THE PIGS?

  • BlackAnEducated

    I feel everytbody point of view but the people who mad that ge lockes up…. What would you be saying if the dude that got killed was yout dad, or you brother? These comments would be totally different! Ya’ll saying you had to be from the hood to understand! Understand what…. Boosie was a fool! That threw his life away! I’m sad to say I really hope he don’t get off cause he hasn’t learned anything! In jail trying to sale! Come on now people! Half of the people saying they hope he gets let go and he just talking what he living have never even been inside anybodys jail! So stop thinking its cool! And if its so cool teach you kids that same thing he talking and let’s see where they are by adulthood!

  • Once you make it you need to give all that bull crap up.

  • Shaliqua

    Tell me, just who did Lohan and Sheen murder, oh great genius?

  • classc

    That’s Krazy….

  • augusta georgia richmond county olive road jhp lol

    Man lil boosie loved augusta he was cool as they say but I feel like the death penalty should not be in the question for little boosie or any of these guys the crackers not being races wanted a black young rapper to set as an example they had ti they got wayne and now they trying ti kill lil boosie that man just out here living the typical blck life trying to make a dollar to take care of business and u gotta do it the best way and repent for ur sins ima pray for lil boosie I love him and it will hurt to see him go out like that its sad what’s going on in the world right now everybody need to chill killing people and going to jail getting life sentences and 15 and 30 years its shocking but the lifestyle now is so messed up just pray and believe in jesus christ and u will get thru the best way u can for better or for worst ……………. ya girl madea……………. free rick ,j*-k,ju@$#n, lil. Boosie bad azz the realest rapper king of luisiana he been the truth and if u don’t know u better ask about him r.I.p. sa@#%r@. Sha#&nd#r@l , and peach#&^% and everybody else in aug and may god bless everybody

  • marlon

    this is what you call KEEPING IT REEEEEAL ………….stupid.

  • Jamie

    All the people that is talking down about boosie really don’t know what really happened. I’m sure you have not seen evidence of what they are claiming he supposedly did. We should not judge each other. God is the only one that can do that. If he is guilty let him be dealt with by God. Let us not talk down towards others and just pray for each other. My heart goes out to boosie family and the deceased family.

  • quisha

    man these people dont know what the hell they are talking about Bossie was real good at heart if you listen to his music he spoke the real things we went through in life.nobody talks about the good things he did they only talk about the bad.he has invested millions in Baton Rouge.I personally dont think he did have to be down here to know what I’m talkung about.It really is racest down here you cant have more money than the white man down here.Nice cars,rims,nice house they want it.they damn sure dont want to see you with it not in BR.I hope he comes out on top for all you haters.If you knew him like we knew him yuor prayers would go out to him.

  • smith

    dumb nigg*r…nuff said

  • KiKi

    Well with s9ongs like Fuc.k the police are u surprised? I don’t know what happend, but I do know that Boosie is definitly a set example.

  • Peek

    I see you people are missing the fact that we Americans still hold the right of Due Process. That means just because there is an indictment it dosen’t nessecarily mean there will be a conviction. Why are there so many of you who act like its great that this man may not ever get to see his kids again. Where are your hearts people. DAMN!!!!

  • Linwood AllDay

    Even if Lil Boosie is guilty, I believe that the death penalty should not be in question.

  • niwanna

    Bossie keep your head up and pray about it prayer changes things. And for those of y’all with the racial comments u need to grow. Up


    N0 N0T My LiL B00Si3 0MG

  • ziggy

    Boosie bad azz is the realest rapper in the game his music speaks for itself that being said I can only hope that this situation turns out good for him.I have no idea as to his innocence or guilt but I do know that u have to protect ur life all times and by any means so I’m glad he’s getting charged instead of r.I.p.

  • not black

    It takes about 10 years of court sessions for a death session..all in all it takes a lot of time to issue a death sentence…i dont think they have evidence

  • MsNette

    Being from BR myself, Boosie is loved and respected. Noone puts out for the people here like he does. Boosie go into the hood every holiday and make sure kids got clothes, food, toys & entertainment. Boosie is being targeted by these racist a$$ police and thay D.A. I hope he get off cause I don’t beleive he done most of what they trying to pin on him. Keep yo head up Boosie, we love ya!

  • carolyn

    im so sad that this happen stop the violence why people b bless with talent n they do stupid stuff . i have much love for him n i hope it works out .

  • Free Boosie

    Err body on here talkn dwn on Boosie n haten on diz man. Everyone kant live a perfect life, its always someone who gon do wrong(drugs) but he juz one out of few who got caught. I been listen tuh Boosie since ’05 n lovin his music. Some one posted dat he need to get da death penalty or rot n jail. Y would yu wish sumthn like dat on someone, it not like yu kno dude who they claimed he killed.

  • deschl

    Every race of people are laughing at us as black people, this is so sad, even in the era of a black president, smh, we are lost truly lost as a people, I give up

  • Your mom

    Murderers deserve the full penalty and deserve to burn in hell no matter what your race is you stupid mo**** fu****! You think white people can commit murder and get off scott free? Think again moron. Thank God, another ignorant, not to mention horrible musician, (if you people can even call that music) criminal dumb*** is off the streets. Get a life and get off the crack losers.

  • the gray line

    dear eff-u, hey I was actually taking up for him even though I dont know him and only like 1 of his song. My whole point was to say that nobody knows him like that so no 1 really needs to be calling him a bottom feeder, n1gger, dumb@ss, etc. I don’t know what the hell he actually is but I know he had a chance, unlike most people I do know, to take the societal cuffs off his hands before he got these real ones on.

  • Layla

    Wow, I can’t believe that the lives of the rich and famous can go so wrong…

  • Fletch

    Its not like hip hop is loosing a talent definatley not an emcee and a low talent rapper at best. That said you run the streets and one day the streets come for payment. if you dumb and run the streets you end up dead or in the pen….see the point

  • Big Up and Down

    You have got to be very stupid low IQ, Lindsy Lohan is going to jail, she did not kill anybody…stupid, what did charlie sheen do? Catch a buzz and get into it with his wife….yeah that is comparable to murder….you see this is the blacks number one problem in life, why you guys have nothing but babies and crime….you can not see the difference between murder and drug use….drug use is personal murder is public, go back to school dude, your stupid.

    • Lena

      Really??? Did you really have to say blacks? I’m one of many “blacks” who does not have children nor a criminal record and I work for everything I have…. Wait there’s more. I’m 23 in school and work two jobs and might I add I’m a straight A student. So with that said the point is ppl in all races are fucked up not just “blacks”. Murder is murder no matter what color you are. Stereotype is a big problem in this world.

  • lasha

    Damn boosie u definitely bad azz FA sho

  • stink dogss

    Iam glad to hear some rappers are still liveing the life…… good for him!!

  • ddub77

    I will start with this.My prayers go out to everyone involved in this mess.I don’t like to say that I am a fan of anyone,but I do listen to bad azz. With that said the young fella has a lot on his shoulders right now. There is no feeling akin to not knowing what those people are going to do with you and your life. That said, I don’t know Boosie personally nor have I ever seen him. All I can say is people need to stop jumping to conclusions because this gentleman is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t know Lousiana law, being that I am in Tennessee,but here a 2 year sentence is only 7 months in and then you get released on determinate release. But that’s depending on behavior while in. Any ways I think more for this mans children and mother. Spending 6years in several prisons myself I know that those are the ones that the situation affects most other than the person doing time. I am a father of five and being away in the living dead hell of incarceration lost in limbo wondering if you are going to make it out alive or be stuck in there for the rest of your life due to some idiot trying to take your life just because, is no fun. Keeping it ” real”, isn’t even worth it. What’s real is getting back out with the ones out here that trully love you and miss you. Who cares what the streets think. He’s been blessed financially and should take his family and get out out of the hood and live a nice quiet peaceful life, if that’s even possible now. Its a true struggle taking care of a family in these hard economic times for the average person that is out here working a 9 to 5 or hauling scrap metal or any other sevice to get money. This guy has it made financially, and to allow himself to get caught up in the crap that he is now facing is simply ridiculous. Since I can remember more people want to see you fail than succeed in life so they will have somthing to gossip about. I just hope this young man will get it together and leave the place where he’s caught in the trap of what everybody thinks about him. Get it together people and read a book preferably the Bible so that you can have some kind of guidance and substanance in this wicked, evil ,vendictive world that we are living in.

  • Idiot

    And everyone saying “oh hell naw if he was white, lidsey lohan, charlie sheen” etc.. Last I checked they DIDNT KILL ANYONE.
    Why does it have to be a bout race? This man flaunts/loves getting his picture taking throwin guns up in the air, what do you think he means. And finally he shows his true colors, I’m sure this isn’t the first time hes probably killed someone.

  • Caych

    Yall Acting Like The Man Aint A Human Being
    Give The Dude Some Sympathy
    I Dont Think He Was Behind ALL Of This
    Maybe Some Of It Tho

  • Szumski


  • joe crack

    yo got free my man lil boosie he is innocent i love ya much


    ya yayalls right LL DIDNt kill nbody but how the hell u know boosie pulled that trigger TELL ME THAT SMARTASS and IF SHE DID shed get off the hook BET THAT

  • ShayN

    lil boosie you were the next thing since pac you spit it real with going thru some thangs and my struggle…homie i hope you get out and drop some more thangs to the younger years let them see what rapping is about…i’m a soldier but not like soldier boy. I can’t dance cause, i keep a big knot in ma pants…

  • Kingmoss

    Free boosie free boodie

  • BigE

    Man this whole thing is sad. Especially cuz boosie is likely the best rapper around. The street life seem cool but you gotta recognize that boosies date is exactly wat he was asking for. Murdering and selling drugs very rarely have a good end. The only time they do is if you put them in the past. He had money so I don’t know why he still bothering with the street mess. This is just a lesson. It’s either prison or the grave for that lifestyle.

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  • Lena

    Do ppl really think parents want their kids to be thugs? Choices honey. Once ppl get old enough to make their own choices…. They do what ever they want. Making better choices can really help out.

  • Dogga140

    Free boosie badazz fuuuuuck the police. Baltimore finest

  • Richboi1986 Ra

    I think he was a very good raper and miss hearin him. So they need to let him go. If not he wont b fogotton

  • Richboi1986 Ra


  • andrew chancey

    fuk you,, you just runnin off at the mouth bittchh