From the look of things it appeared to be quite a serious moment as Webbie stumbled to the doorway before eventually collapsing and someone heard saying he was simply throwing up

As a certified O.G., the Texas rapper and educator is more than qualified to help bring peace between the former allies.

YFN Lucci posted an image of him and Boosie, prompting Webbie to respond with some choice words for his past collaborator.

Webbie is bringing old-school parenting back and he doesn’t care what you think of it. He explained his reasoning on why he put his children on blast recently.

“Independent” rapper Webbie will be getting N-O-J-A-I-L-T-I-M-E for allegedly putting hands on his then-girlfriend because he copped a plea deal. 


Here’s new you didn’t hear often, a rapper called the cops. Webbie called the authorities after his girlfriend allegedly trashed his crib.

Webbie was arrested on July 5 for allegedly beating his girlfriend after holding her captive in a hotel room. The woman has shared photos of her injuries, and they’re damning.

Remember Baton Rouge rapper Webbie? Either way, he got arrested for allegedly beating and choking out his girlfriend. 

Save your boring weekend with this instant classic 40-minute Webbie interview.

Webbie is a rapper, and some would say a marginal one at that. Nevertheless, he stepped into the ring with a pro boxer, and the results are even funnier than you can imagine. 

This past Easter Sunday was particularly special for Webbie. The Baton Rouge rapper decided to get baptized. 

50 Cent obviously has an issue with paying his debts. The G-Unit leader just saw his personal bank account frozen after he was delinquent on the whooping $17 million settlement granted to Sleek Audio for having their designs swagger jacked.