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50 Cent obviously has an issue with paying his debts. The G-Unit leader just saw his personal bank account frozen after he was delinquent on the whooping $17 million settlement granted to Sleek Audio for having their designs swagger jacked.

Now Webbie is interjecting himself back on Fiddy’s radar for the cool million bucks he’s claiming is owed to him over a boxing bet.

Back in July, Webbie told TMZ that they made an oral bet on a fight involving one of 50’s boxers, who eventually took a big ass L. Obviously he still hasn’t been compensated.

Via TMZ:

Well, this will end well … Webbie is CALLING OUT 50 Cent in a new song, saying if Fif doesn’t cough up the million bucks they bet on a boxing match earlier this year … Webbie’s gonna come take it.

We broke the story … Webbie claims he and 50 made a not-so-friendly ONE MILLION DOLLAR wager on the Terrence Crawford vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa fight back in June.

Crawford — Webbie’s BFF — ko’d Gamboa, who is managed by 50. But when it was time to pay up, Webbie says 5-0 was a no show.

Now its seems Webbie has had enough of 50’s Aaron Rodgers routine, and is lashing against the G Unit general in a new song called “What I Been Thru.”

During the track Webbie attacks 50, calling him a “b*tch” and adding “You owe me a million, don’t make me come get it, I’m telling you I’m serious.”

He then invites 50 to engage in an adult activity involving his genitals.

As for 50, he’s not usually one to back down from a feud — just ask Floyd Mayweather — so, keep a close eye on this one.

Listen to the unfriendly shout out in the YouTube player below around the :45 mark. Like Thirty Mile Zone said, either way, this will end in nothing but greatness.

By the way, the song’s corresponding album, Money Good is available on iTunes.

Photo: Instagram/Webbie