Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute At 2010 BET Awards [Video]


Chris Brown was finally able to pay tribute to his idol the late Michael Jackson last night at the 2010 BET Awards.

Hitting Mike’s moves to a perfect T, Chris Brown performed Jackson classics “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Remember The Time,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean.”

During the performance of “Man In The Mirror,” Chris Brown broke down as what appeared to be happiness to finally pay tribute to his inspiration and have that weight lifted off his shoulder.

Peep The Outstanding Performance & More After the Jump!!! [More]

Brown also won the “Fandemonium Award” and tearfully told his fans he wouldn’t let them down again.

Although unplanned, hopefully this is the reaction and apology the media has been waiting for and will now stop punishing this talented musician.

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  • jj

    loved it from beginning to end regardless of how you feel about his situation he made sure nobody could degrade that performance because it was flawless and showed real compassion

    its time to let a REAL TALENT shine

    im over these non singing, non dancing gimmicks

  • GreenNYC

    I’m glad he did his thing now ppl can leave that man alone so he can get back to the business.

  • anjel

    I loved Chris’s performance he is the only closest to Michael’s movements and dances more than anyone else. I tink that he needed that moment on stage where he broke down and his apology was so sincere that I think it’s time everyone move on and embrace Chris Brown again as the entertainer he is. Go Breezy!

  • sure1

    Finally!All the award shows banning real talent!What did Michael teach us? To care for mankind,forgive & beyond all to love. Chris…you were the best candidate hands down.The best Michael performance period.Michael understood being judged by the media & his sooo called fans.Michael is my idol & once I saw him at age 4 I was in love.Not with just the hype but his TRUE golden heart.Chris,you did The King Of Pop justice,no one better in my eyes.If the world doesn’t forgive you,God does.A mistake is a learning lesson.Great Job,Wonderful performance.The year you had was a rough one.Michael had MANY rough ones & he would’ve understood! Glad they see your true talent.God Bless.Its up to him NOT US!

  • aleximaq

    ‘Bout friggin time……no one could ever deny his talent…..maybe this will put him back on the road to where his career once was….Congrats young man!!!

  • Kaybaby

    Simply beautiful!!! On so many levels!

  • Saw it & loved it. I think we can all finally forgive him now. He really has redeemed himself & “get’s it”
    Stay handsome…”Essence of Silk” 100% silk du rags & more…

  • Jasmine

    Everyone knows how talented Chris brown is and everyone know just how much he loves Michael Jackson. I loved the performance it was the perfect way to remember the king of pop. Yes he made a Mistake but he paying for it but there is no need to stop the man from being able to give the world his talent I am so happy he was able to give tribute to the man who change music and well as influenced a lot of lives GO Chris Brown…

  • DeltaDiva

    This was without a doubt the performance of the night… Not only that it was the best MJ tribute I’ve seen thus far. Chris did an awesome job…I’m so happy he had that moment. Every one makes mistakes.. I’m truly happy for him…this young man deserves it. He is learning and growing and that is very clear from his heartfelt perfomance and apology.


    • R. Carter

      I loved the perfcormance because I love Michael Jackson and there is or never will be another. Chris Brown did him justice and it was just so awesome. I felt what he was feeling and no one has ever did such a tribute to Michael. This was the best tribute and the best performance of the night.

  • Jay-Moore

    I Freakin Lovd His Performance Frm Beqin To End He Killd It Cant Nobody Do It Better Than Him

  • Nekeya

    God is about to unleash some blessings in chris browns life that he is not going to have room enough to recieve. Get ready chris! And for those who judged him, God seen it all so he will take care of them. Let he who is with sin cast the first stone, and none of us are without sin so no one had no right to judge that y…oung man, now look at God working his situation out right infront of our eyes. You go Jesus! And for the people posting bad comments about chris, take a look back over your life and remember the things you ever did wrong, and ask yourself didnt i want forgiveness for this? Alright then, what if you did something and people would never forgive you nomatter what you did? Yes i understand his tears, i think the song ment more to him than we could ever imagine,it was personal to him, and he couldnt hold it in. I mean come on i even get emotional when listening to MJ songs, because they have real life meaning to them, and they really speak to you, unlike alot of these artist today, MJ songs were about life and feelings, and they were deep songs, and i think chris saw his situation and just burst out in tears. His tears had nothing to do with publicity stunt, get over yourselves people, none of us are perfect, and none of us have the right to judge anything or anyone because we all have done wrong.

  • Jackyfae

    This performance will get him back in the game. I cried with him cause all he wants is to be loved again. Everyone makes mistakes. This was the best performance of any BET tribute.
    Loved it.

  • Highly Favor

    Chris. You are truly bless, gifted, & loved. And as long as you have ask God to forgive you that is the only person that matter, you can never please men they will alway have something to say.

    Keep your faith in God and he is the one who makes room 4 your gift. You are the head & not the tell above and not beneath. Men will fail you but God will never fell you.

    God will give you back everything the devil have tried to steal from you, keep your trust in God my God is able & will restore everything back to you the devil try to take, trust me Chris a blessing is going to come out of this if it has not already. I am praying for you and your mom. Jesus Loves You! Keep doing what your doing! God Bless.

  • Amy

    I don’t agree with what he did but its not for me to judge and honestly,I am more appalled at these so called GOD fearing people who have condemned him to HELL and have shown zero forgiveness to a young man who with proper guidance CAN change,He will likely walk thru heavens gates before any of ya’ll if he is repentant. The media and even Oprah (who banned C.B. but not Mike Tyson, Naomi Campbell,Wesley Snipes ??)has unfairly crucified him more harshly than his peers…I don’t see folks boycotting these “stars” who have all been accused of “allegedly” abusing their significant others or in some cases children;R. Kelly, Michael Jackson;Courtney Love;Ike Turner; Naomi Campbell;Jason Kidd; David Ruffin;golfer John Daly; El Debarge;Kelly Bensimon(Real Housewives of NY);Joe Budden; Aaron Hall;Bishop Thomas Weeks;Sugar Ray Leonard;Dr. Dre;Wesley Snipes;Darryl Strawberry;Ron Artest (LA Laker);Mel Gibson; Humphrey Bogart; Bobby Brown ; Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott, ;Liza Mineli & David Gest; Christian Slater; Miles Davis alleged abused Cicely Tyson;James Brown; B2K member J Boog;Charlie Sheen;Gary Coleman & Shannon Price ; former CSI actor Jonathan Togo and Gary Dourdan; Tom Sizemore convicted of assaulting Heidi Fleiss; Ultimate fighting champ Tito Ortiz arrested for assaulting GF Jenna Jameson; Corey Dillon (4x pro RB);Evel Knievel; Tracy Lawrence (country music singer); David Hasselhoff ; Rolling stone member Rockie Wood ;Warren Sapp; Bebe Winans;after reading this snippet of just a few examples many of these folks still have careers, are still celebrated regardless of issues in their personal lives & alot of these alleged abusers were alot older than Chris Brown,Chris Brown should not be held to a higher degree of accountability than any of these older men & women, I mean lets be for real, not one of us is without some sort of sin or stain the only difference is our lives aren’t constantly taped & photographed.

  • GreeneyedBandit


  • nijapp

    As a professional hater, even I can’t hate on that. Good job Chris. Keep your pimp hand to yourself and your back on top.


    I thinlk it was very touching. we all loved MJ.


  • Ebony

    Please he wasnot crying over Michael. He was crying over his short lived career. I’ve seen MJ Impersonators do a better.

  • Anabelle Whitepaws


  • GreeneyedBandit


  • Missgc

    When I first saw Chris Brown’s “apology” interview with his Mother on The Larry King Show, I was skeptical about his sincerity. However, after Chris’s Mother had spoken of their past experience of having to endure domestic violence within the home, from her spouse, I totally understood where the real problem lies. As a victim of domestic violence many years ago, I understand the pain & affect this issue can have on the whole family, particularly on an emotional level. Especially when there are children involved, the trauma can haunt you for the rest of your life!

    I have forgiven Chris Brown for his actions. I believe the tears were real and the world made him realize that he “seriously” needed to change some of his negative ways. As long as Chris stays out of trouble & continues to show personal improvement, the world needs to forgive him as well.

    Chris Brown, please remember to pray, put God first in your life everyday, remain humble, continue to give back & seek therapy. Many blessings will continue come your way……

  • Great article, though I think CB was acting for sympathy. It really is a shame we lost MJ so early. I’ve been remembering him thru the Ultimate Michael Jackson Playlist ….just in time for summer 🙂

  • Vincent

    Like most of you have been saying, Chris Brown delivered an exceptionally well performance that payed homage to the King of Pop. Despite what may have happened or didn’t happen between he and Rihanna, it’s time to shift our focus back on what’s important and that’s the music. Without a doubt, Chris Brown is a PERFORMER like his idol, Michael Jackson, and as far as him crying on stage, whether it was about his career or MJ, we have to remember that Michael was an emotional person himself and the media helped no bit, but when it came time to do what he loved, he often times cried on stage and who’s to say about what.
    Chris Brown, if you ever read this, know that you are loved and that’s what Michael IS about, yes, IS because he LIVES through his music and all of us. Continue to prove everyone wrong and I wish you well.

    Ps. Chris Brown’s tribute was BEYOND better than Prince tribute, no? But that’s for another time(: