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Shots Fired: Lil Kim Disses Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj


Just when you thought it was over Lil Kim is back to speak on her issues with Nicki Minaj.

This time however Kimmy’s not just airing out Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie, she’s adding her old nemesis Foxy Brown to the line-up.

According to Lil Kim, she has absolutely no plans to reconcile with Fox Boogie because she’s “crazy.”

Kim relates Foxy to a snake and says she “doesn’t’ even want to mention her” because she’s not genuine and flip flops from liking her one day to hating her the next.

She tells BlackVoices,

“I don’t even want to mention her. No, because she’s just somebody that’s just…No, I don’t even want to mention her. One moment she got something bad to say about me, one moment she got something good to say. I don’t like that flip flop sh–, that just means that you’re still crazy! My mom always told me if you know there’s a snake in the grass, and you know it’s a snake that bit you before, why would you pick it back up? I’m not picking back up anymore snakes no more. Everyone that’s around me now are very genuine, positive, and love me. You never know, time goes by and people show their real skin so I don’t give people 100% anymore. I brought so many people in this game, I rocked with so many people, showed so many people homage and love. But they don’t show it back to me. It doesn’t bother me, I just move on. That’s why I’m always quiet about things, I just take it on the chin because I’m God’s child.”

When asked once again about her ongoing beef with Nicki Minaj, Kim tells BlackVoices that she personally paid homage to greats before her like Da Brat and Salt Pepa, unlike Nicki who has an obvious infatuation with her.

She also adds that she doesn’t appreciate Minaj disrespecting females that were in the industry before her, especially those that are 30-years-old just like her.

At the end of the day, when I came into the industry, I had to … let me take that back. I didn’t have to pay homage [to female rappers], but I did, I chose to. Because I knew that would be better for my career, but not only that, I love those girls

See that’s the problem, why don’t we just be real here and go back to a year and a half ago when she was just busting shots out of every place when she said in one of her interviews, ‘Oh, you know I’m going to sit by the pool and have the females in the game who’s been here for 10 years feeding me grapes, being that they don’t have nothing else to do right now.’ Oh yeah, Beyotch. I remember that! I remember that, I’m not going to forget it! Because at the end of the day, how dare you disrespect me or any other female that’s been in this industry for so long. She’s the same dag on age as us. Stop it! You coming in the game at 30 years old, don’t even freakin’ go there, don’t go there.”

Kim also mentioned that she’s not impressed with Nicki’s rap style and revealed that they were both added to an unreleased song called “Grinding Making Money.”

Before ending the interview, Kim hinted toward a new relationship at Roc Nation with Jay-Z saying that this “might be the right time.”

Check out the rest of Kimmy’s interview with BlackVoices here.

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  • Beef! all the red meat is not good for you, get bread instead

  • BobTyranT

    Right on Lil Kim! Right tha f**k on! But be clear of dis…if u go over there, Jay ain’t gon let u diss his fellow Killuminati artists for too long so be prepared fo tha bullShyte once u make dat decision

    • aleximaq

      LOL…right you are…he is only gonna let that fly for but so long….

  • Anthony

    Lil Kim needs to go sit down somewhere! She is just burnt out now!

  • Still firing shots to stay relevant…


  • peachcobblerNY

    Really, Lil Kim c’mon son!! Let It Go, move on do you and leave that chile Nicki alone…LOL…You’re the elder and should have a tad bit more sense, as someone else said you look petty, foolish, and downright jealous! Do you and funk Nicki! LOL

  • cantria

    whats wrong with lil kim? shes letting these chicks get the best of her. Its not a good look for Kim to be talking down like this about Nikki.. its making Kim look jealous.. Its like Lil Kim is angry that Nikki is more popular than her.. and I like Lil Kim tooo.. but she needs to quit with the foolishness.. Kim is a Hall of Famer in the female rap game… but talking down on a younger newer chic like Nikki, is making her look really bad

  • Mattafacka

    Kim. Nicki is 10 years younger than you. 10 years ago, you were at your highest peek in the game. Hehe

  • Jor

    Doesn’t she know this does not make her any hotter! I am so sick of Kim opening her mouth and spewing lies all over the place. This whole “beef” is petty, not to mention one-sided, and its old IDK

  • Kenyatta

    Kim has always been about loyalty. SHe went to jail over that. If she feels disrespected, she is going to say something. Everyone trying to act like NM is so innocent. No, she isn’t. I already read and saw on youtube interviews when she said she is the only female rapper out and how she is taking over. Ok, being the only and the best are two different things. You can be the only one and be trash and when the others step back in, you are still trash. People act like Kim is hating. No. All she is saying is that you can’t do me, take from me, and then diss me all at the same time. When male rappers have beef, everyone sits back to see what is gonna happen, but people acting like Lil Kim is a bully. No, she is saying I been here too long to be treated like a rookie. She is relevant and she isn’t that much older that NM. As for 35 and 25, NM is 27 and if you ever check a box, you check 25-35. Yeah, she not a young kid in the game. She old enough to know what she is doing. One minute NM is hard and the next she has this uppity voice. Kim just trying to make sure she knows better. You see she dissed Keys and not Kim. Stop acting like Kim is old. If JAy Z can be 40 doing it, Kim can be 35. Go Kim.

  • !!!!!


  • !!!!!



    kim and nicki are the same age. i remember loon saying he turned 21 back in the day when he was turning 30 something. lol. kim is right. but kim cant fuc with fox.


    kim and nicki around the same age. i remember loon saying he turned 21 back in the day when he was turning 30 something. you got to remember nicki is that butch chick who bragged about eatin remy’s box. lol. kim is right. but kim cant fuc with fox tho.

  • Livin

    I agree with KEnyatta but I also feel that Niki tried to take kims style I think she felt she could because some of the younstas dont know lil kim from back in the day like some of us do The biggest mistake that was made is to act like it was brand new and then try and diss. I think she came im at a time where no other females were out so it was easy just like justin beiber so all attention is focused on them as far as style its been done before as fat as her rap she will be forgotten if she is remembered itll only be for this beef do expect it to continue.

  • Really Now!?

    Ugh! Kim, You an ill chick, but shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im Nikki’s age, and rocked with you as a young girl…but my goodness, shut upppppppppppppppppp…. take it as a compliment that she is biting, and again, shut upppppppppppppppppppp

    lolll nah, but seriously, let nikki live, I dont really like unoriginality, but she is hot right now. It is what it is….

  • Josh

    Kim is the real think!!! Nicki does not want it from kim! Thats why nicki has not been saying anything. We all know Nicki is wack and will not be around for long. So lets let this go and watch Nicki just disappear!!!!

  • breski

    lmao ! nicki aint no damn 30 ; kim need to shut up cuz she dnt know wat dha hell she talkin bout !

  • kel

    for all of those calling nikki a hoodrat what heck was kim when she first came out ?! kim please have a seat because nikki is the only reason ppl are checking for you now.

  • We should just boycot both these chicks



  • LaurA

    Okay first i thought Lil Kim was alright in demanding for homage but everytime she goes at Nicki, she is sounding more bitter and jealous. We get it, stop doing interviews saying exactly the same thing. She isn’t recieving much success so she goes in on someone who is the best RIGHT NOW.

    Nicki did pay homage to u Kim, it was caught on film, ur just denial. And how come Lil Kim is not going after Queen Pen? She looks exactly like Lil Kim and raps a lot like Lil Kim but Lil Kim is not even complaining about Queen Pen “copyin” her style

  • rene

    Why does Kim have to be uncivil? Biggie is PASSED, this gang mentality gets you no where but dead in prision. I don’t think it will help her carear MUCH and she is not being a good example to younger generation. I hope this is an publicity stunt and nike and kim will make up and rapp BECAUSE WHERE THERE IS MUSICA THERE IS LOVE!

  • I LOVE Kim and Nicki, beefin is lame as hell spending time on it takes away from time you could be on your grind $$$


  • kay kay

    yeah the age thing Nicki minaj is 29 they making her say that shes younger so younger people would like her. Remember they made Michael Jackson lie about his age they made him tell everybody that he was 9 but he was really 12 years old . My points is Nicki ain’t to far from kims age. so if Lil Kim old than so is Nicki. but anyway i just want Kim to make some music and stop worrying about the harajuku barbie.

  • Aha

    @KOOL: you’re 31 but you seem pretty immature swearing and cursing every second word in your post. You’re not 31 but i guess you can’t reply again because you said you weren’t coming back right? So if you do come back and reply to this then i guess you are immature.

    As I said, I’d rather listen to musicians who keeps saying she is a good artist than someone who is a clear hater on this website saying she s*cks.

  • Beef!

  • mcmcmc

    Wow… its funny how kim contradicts herself in one she stated ” I just move on. That’s why I’m always quiet about things, I just take it on the chin because I’m God’s child.” But she keeps talkin crap about other people. She really needs to stop talkin crap cus everyone else is not responding to her they are the ones keeping quiet and trying not to start Shyte but she is the one that keeps takin shots at everyone… she needs to calm down and make music or jus shut up

  • precious

    lil kim needs to sit down.. This aint bout no homage this is about nicki not releasing that song . Like i don’t wanna know how many licks it takes…. i wanna hear feminine music that makes me feel gud and that i can relate to…if i wanted hardcore music i’d listen to male rappers. nicki is a great rapper thats y everyone want her on they sonq… kim tryna get publicity off all this hating

  • MizzLauren80

    Nicki Minaj is not 25. She is 29, which is not that much younger than Kim who is 35.

  • MizzLauren80

    Thank You!!

  • lol these comments are a mess, some people speak if they know these two personally…i just want BOTH artist to go make some msuic and get off all this BEEF ISSH…get BREAD instead

  • No more BEEF!…get BREAD instead!
    thats the only way you gonna eat right for real 4real

  • Kenny B. Moore

    It’s amazing how these celebrities got everyone all fired up over them. Truth is, neither Kim or Nicki cares what anyone here thinks of them. They both know that the only true enemy is time. Kim knows it a little more than Nicki does, though. The fact is, there will always be the “next big thing” to hit the industry before any new artist presently on top can relax long enough to enjoy being number one. Remember when everybody thought 50 cent & G-Unit would be the end all to corner the market? How long ago was that? Not long ago at all. It’s like an old saying, “everybody loves a new broom until it gets old”, then they want a newer broom. When Kim was that new broom she swept the industry. But Nicki is that new broom now. It doesn’t matter if her quality is good or not, all that matters is she’s the new broom that’s sweeping the industry right now. Time will step in eventually and the industry will be swept with the “next big thing” after Nicki.

  • chuck taylor

    How can people say Kim is fake when Nicki has never performed or taken a pic without make up or without her own hair. But Kim is fake? Nicki is 30 years old this year, yet she raps about her being the youngest in the game. Fox is one of the youngest. Nicki, step on stage with your girlfriend Drake and don’t wear any wigs, or make up. Lets see that performance. What is cosmetic dental work? alteration of one look. what is a wig? alteration of one look. what is butt pads? alteration of one look. what is going from a butch dyke to a feminine lesbian? alteration of one look. But you call Kim fake. funny…… When Roc Nation drop Lil Kim album its a wrap…… Jay Z “I Will Not Loose”

  • Lady Grace

    Respect???? Well, what type of respect did Lil Kim show to Faith when she and Biggie continued to have an affair while he was married? She made comments about it several times even years after Biggie’s death. Now she wants respect in another way. What goes around comes around in ways that we do not expect!

  • amberg

    I think Kim should stop talking about it and be about it. She keeps talking about Nicki Minaj…just come out with a song Kim and let her know who the Queen Bee is!!!

  • Toni

    Who cares about Nicki Minaj’s age? Why is that relevant? The point of the matter is Nicki Minaj is relevant and Lil’ Kim is trying to re-establish a hype. I can say from previous interviews Nicki Minaj was cocky but she’s changed since then. At that time, Lil Kim, you weren’t concerned because Nicki Minaj wasn’t relevant but now she is and now you get angry? Please with that weak stuff. If she didn’t address it a year and a half ago, don’t bring that b.s. up now. Real childish. She’s steady leaving quotes about Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj ain’t paying her no attention. No body likes a cry baby so shut up and start making records!!!

  • Toni

    And what ignorant fool just asked a woman to step on stage without her hair done or makeup? Is you crazy? No woman would do that. So because Nicki Minaj wears makeup and wigs makes her faker than a woman who has fake hair, eye color, nose, lips, breast, butt, and liposuction belly? 1/2 of hollywood is just as fake but you don’t see them calling each other out on anything. How about Lil Kim live up to this quote “That’s why I’m always quiet about things, I just take it on the chin because I’m God’s child.” cause I’ve yet to hear her close her mouth.

  • makedakaluwa

    Kim is a damn fool, LOL, I love it in her. She ain’t lying. Nicki is damn near old as us biting Kims style that was in style in the 90’s, who fucc’n does that?! She almost got her azz kicked by Keyshia crazy azz, somebody is gonna serve Nicxi’s 30 year old azz!! The Beyotch is feeling herself way too much. Beyotch don’t let dem mothafuccas in yo camp and around you gas your punk azz up!!! You will eventually get a patch tore out that silicone azz, you fake azz b**********tch!!!!

    • Jayleise Anello



    nicki minaj is 25 soo wat r yall tlkin about?! nicki is a clown she makes a lot of jokes get a sense of humor nicki cme in the game reSpecting everybodi until they started tlkin all dis mess about she fake and stuff yall cnt beLive everything u hEAR before u tlk mess do ure research THEY MADE GOOGLE FOR A REASON!