Lil Kim has a released a Nicki Minaj diss track…again. This time however, Kimmy Blanco calls out more than just Minaj, she also throws shots at Baby and Lil Wayne. “This Lil Kim clone/oooh I can’t do it/see her on the awards/oooh she look stupid[…] Me and Wayne got on the same jeans/oooh something wrong…” […]

Foxy Brown has reportedly been involved in a brawl at a New York night club. According to TMZ, Brown was in a melee with 10 other people including her longtime manager. Sources report that it took more than 10 people to break up the fight, and the NYPD eventually showed up on the scene — […]

Foxy Brown is denying reports that there’s beef brewing between herself and Nicki Minaj. The Brooklyn emcee who recently gave a comeback performance in NYC, says she actually “applauds” Young Money’s female figure head and distanced herself from the sentiments of Lil Kim. As previously reported Kim dissed both Minaj and Brown saying that Foxy […]

Just when you thought it was over Lil Kim is back to speak on her issues with Nicki Minaj. This time however Kimmy’s not just airing out Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie, she’s adding her old nemesis Foxy Brown to the line-up. According to Lil Kim, she has absolutely no plans to reconcile with Fox Boogie […]

Nicki Minaj is talking about her trademark wigs that made her famous. The Harajuku Barbie who’s been photographed wearing pink, green, blue and purple hair is dishing details on her signature mane. As previously reported Lil Kim wasn’t too keen on Minaj  emulating her extensive wig collection and threw off the faux hair at a […]