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Lil Kim Clears Up Keyshia Cole Remarks, “The Media Is Blowing Shyte Outta Proportion”

Lil’ Kim has taken to Twitter to explain her comment made about LA songbird Keyshia Cole during her rant on New Year’s Eve at a show in Massachusetts.

As previously reported, Lil’ Kim took offense to the collaboration of Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole for Keyshia’s single “I Aint Thru”.

According to Kim, the track which features Minaj, was a diss to herself and the “Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul” Mary J. Blige.

Speaking on the subliminal diss, Kim told the crowd that she and Blige are ready to “eat these Beyotches alive” and erase their social security numbers.

“I think this other Beyotch got a song with Keyshia Cole, right? Coming at me and the muthaFawkin’ other queen, Mary J. Blige. Me and my girl Mary J. Blige about to eat these Beyotches alive where they won’t even Fawking exist no more and erase their Fawking social security number! We gon’ remind them who the Fawk we are! I’m not playing with this Beyotch for 2011. I’m saying, we can rock together but Beyotch you ain’t taking nothing from me!”

Although video as been posted of Kim making the comment, now via Twitter, Lil’ Kim is stating that her remarks about Keyshia Cole were taken out of context.

“Let me address somethings since the media is blowing Shyte outta proportion,” Kim wrote January 2nd.  “i’ve always had love 4 @keyshiacole but i would have never let anyone catch reck on her on my track cause keyshia was my friend in my eyes. all i was saying on NYE was me & @maryjblige do what we do & are who we are. & when me n mary collab its always a movie. that’s my sister.”

Hmm…I don’t know if Lil’ Kim got a call from Frankie or Neffie, but I see Lil’ Kim is back peddling on this one.