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Just when you thought it was over Lil Kim is back to speak on her issues with Nicki Minaj.

This time however Kimmy’s not just airing out Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie, she’s adding her old nemesis Foxy Brown to the line-up.

According to Lil Kim, she has absolutely no plans to reconcile with Fox Boogie because she’s “crazy.”

Kim relates Foxy to a snake and says she “doesn’t’ even want to mention her” because she’s not genuine and flip flops from liking her one day to hating her the next.

She tells BlackVoices,

“I don’t even want to mention her. No, because she’s just somebody that’s just…No, I don’t even want to mention her. One moment she got something bad to say about me, one moment she got something good to say. I don’t like that flip flop sh–, that just means that you’re still crazy! My mom always told me if you know there’s a snake in the grass, and you know it’s a snake that bit you before, why would you pick it back up? I’m not picking back up anymore snakes no more. Everyone that’s around me now are very genuine, positive, and love me. You never know, time goes by and people show their real skin so I don’t give people 100% anymore. I brought so many people in this game, I rocked with so many people, showed so many people homage and love. But they don’t show it back to me. It doesn’t bother me, I just move on. That’s why I’m always quiet about things, I just take it on the chin because I’m God’s child.”

When asked once again about her ongoing beef with Nicki Minaj, Kim tells BlackVoices that she personally paid homage to greats before her like Da Brat and Salt Pepa, unlike Nicki who has an obvious infatuation with her.

She also adds that she doesn’t appreciate Minaj disrespecting females that were in the industry before her, especially those that are 30-years-old just like her.

At the end of the day, when I came into the industry, I had to … let me take that back. I didn’t have to pay homage [to female rappers], but I did, I chose to. Because I knew that would be better for my career, but not only that, I love those girls

See that’s the problem, why don’t we just be real here and go back to a year and a half ago when she was just busting shots out of every place when she said in one of her interviews, ‘Oh, you know I’m going to sit by the pool and have the females in the game who’s been here for 10 years feeding me grapes, being that they don’t have nothing else to do right now.’ Oh yeah, Beyotch. I remember that! I remember that, I’m not going to forget it! Because at the end of the day, how dare you disrespect me or any other female that’s been in this industry for so long. She’s the same dag on age as us. Stop it! You coming in the game at 30 years old, don’t even freakin’ go there, don’t go there.”

Kim also mentioned that she’s not impressed with Nicki’s rap style and revealed that they were both added to an unreleased song called “Grinding Making Money.”

Before ending the interview, Kim hinted toward a new relationship at Roc Nation with Jay-Z saying that this “might be the right time.”

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