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Bill O’Reilly is back to the same old rhetoric. O’Reilly’s recently gave his assessment of the Black Lives Matter movement during an episode of his Fox News show.

The comments came as O’Reilly went on tangent about Donald Trump, and Kate’s Law, which was established after a 32-year-old woman was killed by an illegal immigrant earlier this year. Essentially, he concludes that American’s are fed up since Kathryn Steinle’s shooting, and Trump is their savior. “Trump knows that millions and millions have had it and that he’s going to mobilize all those people.”

He compared the Trump supporters to Black Lives Matter. “The Black Lives Matter crew, they basically hate their country,” said O’Reilly. “They hate it, and there’s nothing you can do so persuade them out of that. They hate it. Their numbers are a lot less than the Trump numbers but it’s the same powerful emotion.”

Watch the video below.

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