Vic Mensa‘s jarring “16 Shots” gets an even more vivid video treatment that is sure to evoke strong emotions.

Mensa‘s anti-police brutality anthem has become a fan favorite at his live shows and may possibly become a viral hit too now.

In the clip Mensa can be seen walking down the street confronting police and surviving their many attempts to kill him. First it’s a baton beatdown, then it’s a hit from a taser, then finally it’s a barrage of bullets from a gang of police officers.

The Chicago native also chooses to keep the song’s ending with audio from the Laquan McDonald police shooting video. McDonald was shot down by Chicago police officers in 2014 in an altercation where he was only armed with a knife and posed no real threat to the cops.

Here, he matches it with a dancer expressing the pain that McDonald himself felt, as well as the pain you get from watching it.

Check it out for yourself below.

Photo: Screenshot

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