Tomi Lahren has become quite a controversial figure in her rapid rise as a voice for young conservatives, using her visibility to often spew ideas that have ruffled feathers. Lahren is back in the negative spotlight once more after it’s been revealed that she’s been going back on her Twitter timeline to delete evidence of her wild party girl past.

Mediate reports:

Tomi Lahren is deleting old tweets as you read this. Why? Because Twitter users decided to do a deep dive into her history on the social media platform, causing the sort of tweetstorm the young anchor is usually responsible for in a very different way.

Back before she was The Blaze‘s indefatigable conservative firebrand, Lahren was a student at UNLV. Like any millennial student, she posted about school:

Summer school has got to be the dumbest invention of all time #thissucks

At just 24, Lahren is still a young woman and who didn’t hate college at some point in their late teens and early 20s? But considering her prominence in media and some of the rhetoric she champions, her past ways could come back to haunt her thus the deleting spree has been underway.

However, swift Twitter users got some screen caps of her old tweets and they’ve been making the Internet rounds. Naturally, Lahren will pass it off as a folly of youth but time will tell if it will hang around and hinder her career in any way.

Photo: screen cap

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