The Fox News pundit took aim at Biden, asking if he needed a purse to go along with his mask, garnering a flurry of reactions from all sides.

The controversial Fox News host believes the police who murdered Taylor as she slept were justified.

If you think the money and the fame will change Cardi B think again. She is still outspoken as ever and one political pundit is about to catch some hands if she is not careful.

Tomi Lahren knows that controversy is the clear way to get people to tune in on her struggle takes, and once more the boisterous blonde used her platform for an ugly attack on Sen. Kamala Harris. After suggesting that the presidential hopeful slept her way to prominence via ex-boyfriend and former San Francisco Mayor Willie […]

Joyner Lucas took aim at conservative pundits Tomi Lahren and Laura Ingraham on his “Devil’s Work” track and it caught the attention of Lahren. After the host reached out for a discussion, Lucas shot down the opportunity and shared details via an Instagram story message.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj don’t see eye to eye on much anymore, but one thing they seem to agree on is Tomi Lahren is a trash individual.

Tomi Lahren tried to come for Cardi B on Twitter. As you can already guess, it’s not going so well for the political hack as the Bronx rapper proceeded to sharply drag for all the filth. 

Tomi Lahren had another blonde Becky moment. She recently attempted to come for Michelle Obama and got dragged to Twitter hell with Wale adding the cherry on top.

Tomi Lahren has a talent for getting dragged, and that was on display once again on Monday after she stuck her neck out there. In response to former First Lady Michelle Obama asserting that her husband Barack Obama was the last real president the nation had, Lahren told Mrs. Obama to have a seat and […]

Tomi Lahren clearly knows by now that because of her controversial conservative stances and strong right-leaning opinions has made her plenty of enemies far and wide. While dining at a Minneapolis establishment, a woman tossed a glass a water on Lahren in what appeared to be an unprovoked act.

Tomi Lahren is still racist. Nevertheless, she recently recited a 21 Savage song on social media—so of course, a number of simple coons were ready to slide her a pass.

Tomi Lahren loves stirring up the pot when it comes to her love of all things America, but she just might have ruffled the wrong feathers this time. The conservative pundit threw a Twitter shot at Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick, which prompted the Beyhive to swarm in to project their queen.