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Tomi Lahren is still racist. Nevertheless, she recently recited a 21 Savage song on social media—so of course, a number of simple coons were ready to slide her a pass.

As for being a racist, this was one of the Becky Bumbaclot’s tweet in response to Donald Trump calling Black countries sh*tholes.

“If they aren’t sh*thold countries, why don’t their citizens stay there,” tweet the South Dakota native.

No worries, she is getting dragged for her stupidity. As for 21 Savage, she was singing the rapper’s “Bank Account” on Instagram


Nevertheless, it lead many a shoe shuffling Sunken Place dweller to show their ass on these Internets.

No worries, they too have catching the peakest of slander, and deservedly so. See the best of the best below and on the following pages.

For the record, Tomi Lahren is trash and will never be invited to the cookout, unless it’s to pick up the trash after everyone has gone home.



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