This isn’t the only problem for Joe Proctor. During a meeting with Markham to determine the severity of the wire taps and possibly collaborating to exonerate Ghost and Knox, Tommy kills Markham after it was suggested that Ghost should flip on him. Markham has the wire taps of Tommy killing Ruiz and implicating himself and Ghost in the death of Lobos. Tommy killed Markham in Proctor’s apartment to automatically make them accomplices. If Tommy waited one second, he’d know that this death was unnecessary, but he wouldn’t be Tommy if he wasn’t reckless.

In a drunken rage, Proctor visits Angela to “thank’ her for getting him thrown off the case and possibly disbarred. He tells Angela that Ghost went against his own advice and would rather save Angela than himself, and that there’s no way Jamie killed Knox. Angela reviews the security footage and sees that Ghost never planted the gun in his office. It finally hits her that Ghost did not kill Knox and he’s being framed! Will Angela save Ghost or let him get the needle?

Power Points

Dre is still building distrust between Julio and Tommy. Julio still doesn’t have Tommy’s full respect, but has all of Tommy’s suspicion. Who knows what will happen next.

Teresi and Ghost have a moment where Ghost reveals what he knows about his wife and past. The blackmail will cease, and Teresi has to watch his back.

Tariq is still a stick up kid for Kanan, and apparently getting deeper into his criminal ways. What is Kanan’s endgame?


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