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Episode 4 of the fourth season of Power was crazy. Major spoilers ahead. 

John Mak is pissed that Angela went behind his back to offer Ghost a plea deal. Now, he tasks her with falling in line, and speaking to Tasha in order to flip her for the prosecution. Angela tries to find common ground with Tasha through Jamie’s infidelity and myriad of lies. Angela tells Tasha about the plea deal (Which Tasha had no clue about). Tasha disses Angela and later visits Ghost to demand he keep her in the loop with any future plans that can affect her or the kids.

Proctor and Silver are working overtime to suppress evidence of the gun. Silver questions Ghost about the gun and gets Ghost to react angrily, which is what Silver wants to avoid. This “Angry Black Man” defense would surface later as during the motion to suppress, Proctor calls Donovan to the stand and implicates him as the mole, citing the timeline and that Donovan was the only person to sign off on the warrant and find the gun. Donovan breaks on the stand, and eventually the motion gets tossed.

Unfortunately, Proctor performed his job too well. Mak filed a motion to remove Proctor from the case, because of an apparent conflict of interest as he represents Tommy and Ghost. Mak has evidence that Proctor and Tommy have met during the trail. Judge Tapper agrees and now Proctor can no longer “officially” represent Ghost. Silver will have to finish the job, now.


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