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We’ve known the kind of man James St. Patrick is since season 1, episode 1 of Starz’s Power. He uses illicit aggression and cunning business acumen to achieve his goals.

Many cannot see past his polished facade but Terry Silver, hired to get ANYONE acquitted, diagnoses James quickly. During the final scene, Silver looks at James in his orange prison jumper and tells him THAT is who he truly is, irrespective of upbringing or opportunity. No matter how legitimate James aspires to be, intrinsically, he is a criminal. Silver will do his job, but won’t allow for Ghost to deceive Silver’s instincts. The lengths that others, convinced that James is a criminal, will go to convict him of Greg Knox’s murders are revealed in episode 3 “The Kind Of Man You Are.”

Feds Did A Sweep…

The episode begins at a frantic pace, with Federal agents rounding up Dre, Julio and Keisha for questioning. The prosecution wants to associate James with Tommy in order to strengthen the possible motive to kill Knox. Julio and Dre both tell stories of how James saved them from the streets, and is the farthest thing from a criminal. Keisha, when paired with Angela, was less amenable to answer questions about Tasha. To have Angela ask her rhetorical questions after her illicit affair with Ghost infuriated Keisha, and unknowingly caused her to break. Keisha confirms that Tasha sold her wedding ring, thus rendering her marriage “a business arrangement only” This gives the prosecution the opportunity to break Spousal Privilege (where the spouse of the defendant cannot be forced to testify against them) and question Tasha in court.


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