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“Things are going to get worse” is exactly what I thought after Ghost got denied bail last episode of Power. But, you didn’t think it would spiral out of control this quickly.

As the case against him grows exponentially, we’re reminded of how we got here and where we are going in episode 402 of Power.

Proctor and Mak cross examine Angela and Ghost, preparing them for the questions they would receive if they testified in court. Emphasizing their affair and the subsequent love triangle, the attorneys make their point that Angela and Ghost are their own worst enemies to the case. Angela’s involvement with the victim and the accused compromises the entire DA office.

Ghost’s knowledge of Knox, and his affair give him motive to kill out of jealousy. Angela and Ghost both decide that they can’t take the stand and have to avoid self-incrimination at all costs. Mak devises a plan to pin Jamie to Tommy aka “The Real Ghost” in order to win the case.

Ghost has to act normal as James St. Patrick would. He makes calls to his family to schedule a visit. He calls Tommy to instruct him to “take care of his family”. He checks up on Dre and the club. You can see the stress of incarceration wearing Ghost down. He’s beginning to have altercations with inmates and guards alike. It only gets worse, when Sandoval plants the murder weapon in Truth during a raid and that seals a Murder 1 and death penalty indictment.

Ghost no longer has control and Proctor advises him to flip on Tommy and cut a deal to avoid lethal injection. Is Ghost the one who turns?

Power Points

The Proctor-Mak sub plot gets more interesting. Mak loses a gag order motion after Proctor begins to use the press to build a case for Ghost. Mak’s off hand comment about “losing” to Proctor again means they have old scores to settle.

Tommy, succumbing to the pressures of the business, blows off steam the only way  he knows: ill advised sex with Keisha. This happened quicker that I thought, but still…I’m not the only one who sees this secret relationship with Tasha’s best friend ending badly?



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