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Since season 1, we have grown accustomed to James “Ghost” St. Patrick using his cunning mix of business and street acumen to rise above the frame and win. While Ghost embodies the collective laws of POWER, season 4 begins with him succumbing to the laws of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

All the dirt Ghost indulged in over these last four years has left him filthy, and Karma gives zero f*cks about “the facts”.

Although James is more sinner than saint, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory in episode 401: Jail. The powerful opening scene cycles through the warnings from Tommy and Tasha about his affair with Angela, as Ghost empties his pockets and personal items into a plastic bin and proceeds to be booked. Ghost has never felt as powerless as he does in this moment. Kanaan accentuates the feeling as he narrates that first night in jail mood, and systematic physical and mental breakdown Ghost has to endure.

Jail isn’t a safe place for most, especially an alleged cop killer. Charlie Murphy (RIP) acts as his main antagonist while behind bars, teaching Ghost the “consequences” of killing on of his own. Ghost finds some semblance of control, as he contacts Proctor to handle his affairs outside, and confides in Tasha to get enough collateral for bail (with an ingenious plan to recoup the money from Dean/Milan and his “security company). James can’t hit a home run this time, as bail is ultimately denied. The ironically titled episode “When I Get Out” ends with Ghost realizing that clearing his name will take more than confidence and connections.

Power Points

  • Tariq is still a problem child and Dre has to lie to Tommy and Kanaan to save his ass and his daughter. You know Dre is in too deep when he has to pay Kanaan to keep Tariq alive and lie to Tommy so he doesn’t discover Kanaan is alive. Between this and keeping Truth in business, will the lies catch up with Dre and be the death of him?
  • Tommy finally has the business to himself, but has classic Tommy problems. He has to keep the organization calm while Ghost is in jail, keep the Serbs happy, and move the product. Loyalty is still Tommy’s strength as he kept Keisha alive while he dealt with Milan, and worked with Tash to determine how to free Ghost. He suspects Dre is lying about “Slim” and the ransom story, and we know Tommy doesn’t quit when he has a hunch.


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