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The Biggest Tattoo Fails In Hip-Hop


-“Gucci Face” Boy

While we’re not exactly sure who this is or if he’s even a Hip-Hop artist, we blame rappers who glorify the Gucci logo for this travesty.

A picture of “Gucci Face” began circulating on Twitter earlier this week showing an unknown boy with Gucci tatted completely on the side of his face.
One question:

Where do you work with a tattoo like this?!


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  • boo boo the bear

    and the crazy part is i bet he cant even afford Gucci

    • gucci face

      His face is ugly as hell already. Bad way to add MORE ATTENTION to that ugly travesty.

  • People have way too much time on their hands and money to waste. Do something positive in your community instead of branding yourself with a permanent logo of some company that doesn’t need the free publicity or even cater to your demographic. Do you think Gucci cares about some idiot in the hood tattooing his face?


  • Curveball

    This might have gone over better if he actually had a neck.

  • Liquidfi

    That’s not a starfish on baby’s head. It’s a baphomet. A baphomet is a very satanic symbol.

  • NewRemix2Pac2010KingOfRapMix!

  • mz harris

    good list

  • kimmiebk

    uh, this is MIKE TYSON we’re talking about, so yeah, the face tatt is awesome- on him.

  • Topsey

    They are all disgusting but that Gucci tatt took the piss

    Grim reaper walks with him on a daily

  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    Mike Tysons’s is not an average tattoo. It is called Ta Moko and it is part of Maori culture from New Zealand. It tells a story and quite a few celebs have Ta Moko. One on Rihanna’s hand, Ben Harper has it all over his body.

  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    And Mike Tyson’s does not come from Africa lol. Maori is from Oceania. They are in no way from that part of the globe lol.

  • Mabel

    Don’t much like tats or any other form of body modification. I couldn’t see myself waking up and turning over to gaze at my man and one of these faces is staring back at me. But if they think this is what they need to live a fulfilling life who am I to rob them of the experience.

  • Treetop

    Cuz with the Gucci Face must be a barber or something. Coonery

  • To each is own I guess but damn homie Gucci? Really….? That sh@t doesnt erase…. and in 10-20 years I can guarantee your not gonna want that on your face….

    Dont be mad at us. Beat the persons a$$ that posted your picture. I’m just saying……

  • just wondering

    Gucci face….just wondering why the Gucci print thou? You like the brand…?

  • Phillyreal

    This is so sad. So so sad.

  • Curious1

    Gorlla Zoe 100 dolla bil neck Tat…looks HORRIBLE…Sweaty and Greasy azz Poke (Pork) neck negro…That is GROSS…

    Gucci looks like something off UNIVERSOOOUUULLLll Circus clown…like the reptile man with a gucci steez….

  • Curious1

    Correection above ^^^…Should say..lol…that “Unknown GUCCI” dude’s

    TAT looks etc..etc,..etc…above…lol..

  • EPIC FAIL on all accounts, smh @ some of the madness people inked on themselves

  • Neyla

    That Gucci tattoo looks like a disease!

  • Malcom X

    Ok fool. This is the dumbest trend negros has come up with yet. This sh-t is country and embarrasing to the black race. Hate to see how these dummys look like when they about 50. I forgot u probably want to live fast and die young like your favorite rapper. Negro’s are getting dumber by the day.

  • BApe747

    As a Tyson, Imma say Mike tat is justified.

  • mr knowledge

    @ gucci boi: man if ur on the west coast with the best inknmasters in the tattoo industry…then y do the G’s look so damn sloppy

    OH….and the stars on babys head are baphomet. Dont get it twisted everything isnt wat it seems

  • Neim

    Dumb question up there. Where does he work? huuuhh, with a freaking bullet in his jaw, where do you think?

  • The crazy thing is that Mike Tyson’s tattoo doesn’t seem that extreme anymore. SMH



    Is GUCCI paying him for this? Does he have a contract with the conglomerate? Or is this just for SHOW? God help the “tag-poppers”.


    You call that…..”CONTROVERSY”……???OK????

  • when these guys get older they surely would want those tats removed, tattoo’s and wrinkles dont mix at all. How the hell is anybody going to know what any of their tats look like only 5″ leatherly aged snake skin??

  • gigglegal 215

    Is that girl with all those tats the hair stylist Fingaz? She was on the TV show Hair Battle Spectacular with Derek J. as a judge.

  • gigglegal 215

    Bird man is an old a## fool! Blessed with all that money and no d@#m sense. Tattoos, really?

  • gigglegal 215

    Gucci Boy the reason white folks still think we are stupid. Gucci won’t even allow that poor fool mop their floors. I bet the top dogs at Gucci are laughing their a$$’s off. This poor ignorant fool.