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Busta Rhymes Sued For $250,000 For Throwing Glass At Woman


Busta Rhymes is in headlines now that a woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that he assaulted her with a glass.

Busta, real name Trevor Smith, was named in a lawsuit by the woman, Devon Cooper, who claims she “feared for her safety” after getting into an argument with him at Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Beverly Hills.

In the lawsuit Cooper claims that she and a friend were dining at the establishment when a member of Rhymes’ entourage complained that the pair was sitting too close to rapper’s table.

Cooper says she tried to move her chair but says Busta’s accomplice became increasingly agitated and the situation escalated until the rapper threw a drinking glass at her that missed her by “inches.”

She is seeking $250,000 in damages for assault and battery.

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  • Ladee

    Stupid @ss negroes ….smh…I swear, man. Idiot.

  • Concerned

    Was it that serious Busta!

  • GEE

    A hip hop artist that don’t want women next to him…smh…

  • missvalz

    Sue that AZZZZ, If you are so big that you dont want ladies sitting or for that matter anyone sitting close to you then you should have no problem with paying “BIG BOY’ Thats what bosses do now “BOSS UP AND PAY” LMAO

  • Mabel

    This is where ignorance and lack of self-control proves to be costly. I have never been to Mr. Chow, but I have been to enough restaurants to know they cram in tables close to each other, most times you can hear clearly what you neighbors are talking about. Busta should have spoken to restaurant management about this, the woman should not even have been addressed at all. He could have simply asked to be reseated in a different section, but I guess that prolly took more brain cells than he possess.

  • BobTyranT

    Wooha! He got you all in check!! Youtube BobTyranT! I wanna throw glasses @ maFawkahz & get sued too u know lol

  • Mugu Yaro

    This is a jokke that will end nowhere. If she was arguing with Busta’s boy, why would Busta chuck a gl@ss at her. She’s only suing him cos he’s got money…..his boy there is probably on welfare & will not be worth the paper the summons comes on.

  • Shebad

    Erbody who think busta was okay with doin this is retarded!!!! If he wanted privacy he shoulda got carryout dammit! I think they was tryin t eat just like he was and he should be responsible, they are his entourage afterall! Actions like they showed just let u kno mf ain’t got NO home training!