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Woman Gives Birth To Twins; One Black, One White


A British woman is making headlines after having a rare pregnancy and giving birth to twins—one Black and one white.

21-year-old Shirley Wales is from Grenadian descent and was shocked to see that her son Leo had brown skin like hers while his twin sister Hope bore a resemblance to her father with white skin and blue eyes.

Wales, who is no longer with their father, tells the UK Daily Mail that the possibility of one Black twin and one white was a running joke between her and her friends but she never thought it would really happen.

“Throughout the pregnancy I’d joked about the babies being black and white, I even said to my friends that if one was black and one was white I’d call them Ebony and Ivory. When they were born though, I realised it would be cruel to actually call them that.”



She also says she noticed their different skin tones immediately,

“I immediately noticed that Hope was completely white and although they didn’t look that different when they were first born, because they both had a bit of jaundice, I could tell Leo’s skin was going to get darker and Hope’s was going to stay white.’”

According to the new mom, her daughter is often mistaken for her neice but she encourages people to be open minded.

“If I didn’t have Leo with me, people would think Hope was my niece, but that doesn’t bother me really. I love telling people that she is actually my baby…People just need to be open-minded, it can happen. I’m thrilled about it.”


Doctors say that two separate eggs were fertilized by two separate sperm, resulting in the different skin tones in the biracial children.

In July, a Nigerian couple made headlines after giving birth to a blonde hair blue-eyed baby.

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    It’s not that one is black and one is white…… ONE “looks” white while the other looks more black…. their races or mix isn’t different just their skintone…they have the same father. Poor wording on in the title.



      • EC FROM DC

        Also makes you wonder more just how white some “white” people out here really are lol.

  • lady

    My fraternal twins were born with very different skin tones also. One looked white and one black but now that they have gotten older the difference is not as stark. There is still a difference but nowhere as noticeable.

  • jayluv

    Well we can say for sure that all race comes from the motherland Africa. Caucasians wake up! you came from us!

  • jane smith

    what beautiful babies

  • jAZZy

    Beautiful Babies but im going to keep it real here. Definitly not a racist but they are going to have emotional problems growing up from kids teasing or saying that they are not related or they have different fathers. That’s why you date someone who is your race clearly she is BLACK..dont care what nobody says peoples first impression is she’s black when you look at her..she should just date black men..I love my black men and my race would’nt change it for the world!!!who knows its possible she slept with 2 men of different races during the same time..Its very possible.they could have different fathers..I think the father needs to get a DNA TEST!!!

    • Man

      jAZZY your a dumb human that thinks someone can get pregnant from two different men, go back to elementary school and learn basic biology, enough is said you may continue your ignorance.

  • Woman

    Jazzy u are one racist woman!! Every human has the right to their own choice if a white woman wants to be with a black man then so be it!! Btw interracial kids are very cute sorry some are cuter then pure black kids!! I’m a white woman with a black man and wouldn’t change my choice due some ignorant woman selfish that black men like white girls more than black women!!


    Well actually you need to go back to elementary because you an have twins with different fathers that has been a proven fact a lot of fraternal twins need to get tested so Jazzy you stand correct

  • girlie

    woman-who cares ifyou are with a black man?
    are you looking for some kind of validation?

    a lot of us date interracially-so?