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50 Cent Invests In New 3D Glasses Company


Rap star 50 Cent has continued to add to his entrepreneurship by investing in a new company that creates “digital performance eyewear.”

According to FastCompany.com, 50’s latest business deal involves an optical eyeglass company named Gunnar Optiks.

The rapper’s investment in Gunnar Optiks comes is hoped to spark the sale of 3D glasses and televisions, which has not been selling as much as some analysts predicted.

The company also specializes in making sharper images that help reduce eye irritation and headaches that some may experience while using 3D equipment.

You can buy the company’s stylish 3D eye wear which will be retailed between $70-$200, like the rest of the entire collection.

FastCompany has also said that 50 Cent also has a say in the business direction of Gunnar Optiks as well as being an investor.  50 became involved with Gunnar after turning down an endorsement deal, in favor of a stake in the company.


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