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Down With The Swirl: 10 Successful White Men With Black Women By Their Sides


Swirling is becoming more popular and when you have strong and beautiful black women by your side, why wouldn’t it be?

Although many people know celebrities like Robert De Niro and David Bowie have been down with swirling for years, many will be surprised of the Congressmen and CEO’s who have also caught a little jungle fever.

Want to know who?  Click the page #’s below to find out which white men have decided the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

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  • mone

    Paula Patton does not look black!!!



  • blackmamba

    Paula is biracial like many “black” actresses are

  • ted

    Im a young white male and i just want to know who really cares about these types of racial issues. It just seems like this website is trying to create division between black men and women

  • daniel

    for the most part it’s the same people.

  • CeCe

    As long as you’re married and happy and it works for you I say go for it.

  • Pamela

    OMG do we really need to see these stupid racial articles EVERY SINGLE DAY i mean jesus!! i couldnt care any less than i do now about this! enough already!! can you guys really not think of any other way to generate hits? pathetic.

  • Megan

    Why are you blacks so obsessed with us? Like omg lol, white guys don’t want black women and most of us white women with a brain wouldn’t touch you idiots with a ten foot pole. Get that through head okay omg.


      Don’t flatter yourself Megan, “LIKE” your opinion is just that an opinion…lol. You need to trust that it’s only a small minority of black people that date outside of our race. (I’m not saying anything is wrong with it but the point I’m trying to make is that “YOU’RE” the one that’s make a bigger deal out of it then need be “sweetie”. )

      Oh “sweetie” FYI: Clearly some white men love black women because as we saw up top there are happy interacial couples which consist of white men and black women.


    • i’ll burn yo D I C K n3xt…

      the truth is the media portrays “black” women as this “black” man bashing,mixed race relationship haters ,a small group of us are but that’s just a small percentage,just as every race have the same kind of women.These women are ignorant,unhappy and only hating cause they really hate themselves.I’m not currently dating outside my race,i have and would if the “man” was the man for me.When i see black men with a woman of another race,it doesn’t bother me,mater of fact if he ugly and she pretty i be like “what in the world she want with him?”Go beyond “race” people it isn’t about that because this world only has two types of “people” and that is “man & woman”.

    • Anonymous

      You say that because that is your desire. Any idiot knows that there are so many blacks and whites who hate each other with a passion that is downright sinful. Yet, there are multitudes of white women running after black men like they are on sale at half price. Most black women want black men. A few black women who cannot get black men, because white women are grabbing them all, will settle for a white guy. Don’t flatter yourself too much. Some black women try to make black guys jealous by chasing white men. They are jealous of the white women who want black men. You would like to believe that white women would not touch a black man with a ten-foot pole, but you know that is not true. Black women agree with you on that one.  We wish too, but we are smart enough to know better. So, loosen your shirt from around your neck and realize that everyone does not think that you are the finest cup of teat. I am sure some do, but you are too stuck on yourself.  The men with color are praised as handsomest. Your statuses as accomplished men are attractive. That’s a plus and a compliment. Get that through your head, okay? OMG!

    • Poor Megan hahaha

      Says the demographic that can’t catch a man and will never get that wedding ring. Everybody knows white men can’t stand white women anymore. Google “I hate American women”, Megan.


      Laughing next to my white husband at you. He calls your kind materialistic gold-digging skanks. Yes.

      Skanks 🙂

      How’s it feel being left behind in the dust and no longer the fairest of em all?

  • DMV Guy

    Race baiting at its finest….

  • newone

    WE GET IT!



  • Dave

    Black women come in all favors and colors. From the darkest chocolate to the lightest butterscotch.

  • WhiteLatina

    Lala Vasquez does not look Latino.

  • Blacks need 2 stop claiming people that are mixed breeds as black,in south africa there is a whole nation of millions of mixed breeds that are called ‘coloureds’ not blacks, because they are as much as white as they are black. acknowledging this fact,means they r not put in either 1 of the two brackets of black or white. that they are a product and a separate entity thats distinct frm both the reactants.so plz dnt mislead us,most white males lyk black males go for mixed breeds.

    • Tamara Jezebella

      This came about because of the US Constitution, not by black people.  It was white Americans who determined by LAW that if a person had one drop of black blood, then they were considered to be black and three fifths of a human.

  • lala

    I love interracial couples.

  • LadyB

    This article is stupid at best. First off these black women are successful, so do not belittle black women. Who wrote this article they must have self-hatred.

  • tiffany

    Omg… So tired of these articles. Who the fck cares abt who’s “down with the swirl.”

  • Bonds

    F@ck u megan. This articule shows that white men do like black wonen. You racist b!tch. Now omg that

  • Khanyi

    coloured people in sa are a race on their own, sorta like latinos. get ur facts straight b4 coming on an international platform, mkay?

  • yessir


    • Brianntaylor21

      no you are not!!!!! it took two races to make you makeing you bi racial and only bi racial not one over the other…..you can’t just did the other race 

  • Hahhhu

    @ gert…. it’s actually the white people who would begin by referring to any person with black blood as a niigger. now it’s the black people’s fault?

  • jabgar00

    @megan thank you for being real and honest! Because these dumb mf’s need a wake up call.. but at the same time just like you wouldn’t touch a black man I would never touch a flat A$$, long nosed white woman.. to each his own

  • josh

    What do you want most In this new year 2011 ?
    Nothing can be better than me eting the spec ial one at this sp cial time
    ___M ix ed Mat c hin g / C 0- M__
    It is the most successful int erracial d a ting c lu b !
    Come to get rid of your lonely sing le li fe.You need her/his warm in this coldest winter !!


    Gaby husband unfortunately cheated on her. 🙁 So I don’t think they are together any more.

    • Ana



    I agree with you Khris cause black ppl come in different shades and colors. You can find black ppl that look almost white all the way to black ppl so black they look purple. 🙂

  • ivy

    You have no life megan, we should all love each other no matter what race we are and we shall not be jugde by the color of our skin but the content of our character.

  • @megan.. poor thing screaming like a baby trying to convince black people that black men want you is not cute, stop embarrassing your self on a black website go find yourself a boyfriend.

  • The Cynic


    I’m a Blk male and I really could give a flying Fawk about a racist White wench like you. Only 13% of Black men have a non-Blk spouse. The overwhelming majority of us are with our own race. We don’t care about you. This website is simply race baiting for hits. I shouldn’t even be arguing with you. I bet your a troll who works for this site.


    We don’t have to claim her, Paula Patton identifies as Black her own damn self and she doesn’t need you telling her, her race. FYI anyone who isn’t 100% pure Blk African is considered colored in South Africa. The overwhelming majority of AAs would be put in that category. In Sudan if you are part Arab(one drop, nt even half) you are considered fully Arab. In Latin America many mixed race mestizos/mulattoes identify as White. Dominicans wouldn’t call someone like Beyonce or Obama’s daughters Black. Many Hispanics like Jeniffer Lopez & Eva Longoria are mostly of European ancestry, but would nv be called Blk in the US simply bc they have other(Native and/or African) ancestry. Perceptions of race change from person to person from society to society. If this country accepts her as Black and that is how she sees herself than what is the problem?


    Blacks and Whites are the LEAST likely interracial/ethnic couple in the United States. Why are you romanticizing something a minority of us take part in(not sayin it’s wrong)? Is this site owned by Whites who want to breed out Blacks in America?

    • PinkTiara1993

      White men and Asian women are the highest interracial pairing but ppl choose to look past that. Smh.

  • The Cynic


    *Jenifer Lopez and Eva Longoria would nv be called WHITE in the US although that is the majority of their ancestry. Eva herself got a test that proves she was 70% Spanish/European/White, 27% Native American, and 3% African. JLO is obviously not Mulatto or Mestiza. Both are mostly White yet, none are called such. Race is more social than anything else.

  • The Color of Love

    God sure got some bad “kids” sitting around making up who they are, what they are and doing all kinds of stuff they should not be doing! When they aren’t whining about what they want Him to bless them with and calling each other names they are violating each other and polluting the earth. GODS KIDZ SHO IS BAD!

  • Do you want to bullied?

    @megan: blond haired green eyed girl can you get a white man? NO! Yes white females go get black men because they can NOT get a decent white man. Worset they take up with shady black smack down kings who tried that mess on a sista who checked that mess at the gate and told him go get megan. My black niece Brittany also has blond hair and green eyes lol

    • diamond888

      THANK YOU FOR THAT!! And another thing miss megan, you women are so stupid and passive..it’s not that a black man runs to you for your “blond hair and green eyes, it’s because they know they can get away with anything and everything.

  • Ted

    ———————————————————————————————Im a young white male and i just want to know who really cares about these types of racial issues. It just seems like this website is trying to create division between black men and women—————————————————————————————————————————————————

  • triple threat

    @ Megan

    U can’t be serious. Why are you on a black blog stating you wouldn’t touch a black man? Let me guess you’re looking for attention. I think you purposely came on this site to fulfill a life long fantasy of sleeping with a black man. You’re not being true about your feelings towards black men. Once you get the D you’ll be singing a different tune. As far as this article is concerned, I think bossip is looking for hits. Regardless, white women tan to look darker, I.E. black. White women inject their lips with various serums to enlarge their lips. White are now obsessed with curves, hence the butt injections. Do you really think you’re better than us considering how hard you try to emulate us black women? Please!!!

    • PinkTiara1993

      Ugh. What really annoys me is when people always refer to a black guys d*ck. No one cares about that. Is that all they have to offer? And it’s funny that you’re endorsing it and then get mad if a black guy of yours was to give her the d. You sound just as ignorant as she does. You caused more harm than good. Please be quiet. At least she’s not an undercover racist white woman who dates black men. She’s honest. Let her be. The only person that should take offense is a black man.

  • www.pewinternet.org

    @Jay I’m not sure if you come to Bossip regularly but Bossip has ALways done stories on Black men w/non Black women this is a Hip Hop site ran by males, that have whole sections dedicated to hoodrat women called video/hip hop models they stay on the nipples of Amber Rose, Rosa DaCosta, CoCo, Watermelon women & so many other non Black females. So to that comment you made I truly disagree. I monitor sites like this and do reports on the average blogger/blog respondent. I too am a Black Man and I am so sadden by the level of hate against the Black women. However the majority of this hate is coming from Black low to no income males, ranging between the ages of 13 to 30 years of age. Most likely these men our providing false personal information to the blog world, majority have more than 12 hours of logged recreational internet use and have personal acceptance issues.

  • RXB

    We need to get in through our thick skulls. White people hate black people. A few “celebrities” with token arm candy will never change that fact.

  • Me love you long time

    @jabgar00-you must be in lala land; I’ll give you an easy site to go to better yet search engine. Yahoo. Have you ever read the comments of the stories on there-you should next time-& yeah majority are White-who comments are extreme & just as or even more ignorant. That’s were you go when you want to know how they really feel about your black a$$. Even when the story has nothing to do with Black people you will see comments talking Shyte about Blacks. And the guy who wrote this story is white. Just like you seen a bunch of white people on MTV & BET picking out & commenting on who is the best hip Hop artist. Just like most urban radio stations have non Black radio personalities who promote this BS until it gets too heated then they want to cry out can we all just get along.

  • Me love you long time

    I didn’t get the memo, I’m not Black anymore? When this happen? lol. I need to go notify my Momma & daddy that people who look like Paula & Halle are not Black anymore. Both my parents identify as AA but somebody somewhere is now saying if we not jet black then we not Black anymore, we “multicultural” now. White people & the media can just change our identity whenever they choose I see, so now they promoting that we not full BLACK. What I’m hearing is that “Obama is now President, How that happen? It must been his White side that got him there, ’cause we know his Black side aint sh.it-so we got to put our PR team out now He not Black he Biracial Damn it” They got a documentary by that title too-And if you look anything close to his skin tone-you aint Black either. I guess these people are Black when ever they want to apply for scholarships or something like that. The age of Obama brings the crazy’s out. If you fall for this bold attempt to dilute and UK the AA population your more dumber than I thought.

    • Tamara Jezebella

      All the women you mentioned, including Beyonce, are not full black.  They are of mixed heritage, and have the right to not be ashamed of their mixed heritage.  Don’t facilitate self hatred.

  • sew

    I’m a white woman dating a black man and I nor him or our families think anything of it..why are articles like this needed who cares your color as long as you’re happy

  • maru-chan


    Are you single and do you like the chocolate? *bats eyelashes* lol

    We need more dudes that look like Justin Chambers that are tryin’ to wife up sistas lol

  • Tam1257

    Remy shand and his wifef are not married anymore. Does anyone knows what happen to him? He made one great cd and that was it.

  • vb

    What about jon b. and his wife? I never see him on any of these white men black woman romance lists.

  • let’s get beyond race and talk about God. God loves us all, does not see race.

  • chell

    Ms. Megan, Stay off our website and you won’t get upset. You need to read some books and educate yourself. This country has been built on the back of black men for centuries that are still not credited. Had it not been for these black men society would not be able to function as it does today. Also there are plenty of black people that feel the same way about you that you feel about them. The only thing a white man can do for me is to stay the hell out of my face. So please don’t date black men , we have been polluted enough by your white trash ancestors. Thank you.

  • mila

    So are you sayin if you wanna buy a lacefront, or get a perm, or date a white man you’re a sellout? Beyonce is always talking about how she is proud of being a black woman. She and her husband helped us elect a black president in 2008, so sorry but im not seein the sellout. White girls get weaves too hon and when they perm their hair to make it curly their people don’t tell them they’re trying to be black. Your race is your race no matter who you date. If I want to date that doesn’t mean Im turning my back on my heritage. Just because someone doesn’t rock their natural doesnt mean they’re ashamed of it. Just because a black woman dates a white man doesnt mean she is ashamed of her race or doesn’t like black men. Love is love and it has no color. Its 2011 people, #weoffthat

  • p.d. hill

    you can reallytell people that have basically lived sheltered or under a mushroom. when i was young i thought like a child but now, 48 years old, 20 years in the military being around different races, cultures and experiancing a broad range of different people. I have learned to pick my friends not by the bases of their skin color and though im black and have been married 2 my black wife for 29 years, i would choose my next spouse the same way. They would be measured by the same qualities that all humans want to be judged by. by the way, Europe and other countries aren’t as stuck on the color thing as america. I lived in europe for 9 years , i know.

  • jay

    blah blah blah …….. I lost interest halfway of what you wrote… KISS method..Keep It Simple Stupid!!!

  • telemanque

    damn, Black men got it bad.

  • akhona

    get over it ppl its old news nw,cnt we all jst get alng.i thought the race issue was bad in s.a but damn i guess its worse in america tisk tisk thts jst sad

  • joselizette06njPhillyTri-State

    i think your funny and hate it or love it has 1 of the best post ever above i agree.Black women are beautiful just as my latin
    women.BOSSIP will lose members with intellect when your not posting anymore.it is so flagrantly able to tell who is”running it”everyone. laugh it off,that is the best your able to do as i do just laugh it off,they yhave iSSUes,and date probably skank white chick putaz wit no vida no dinero no independence.
    that is because the white women they date are skank and make them feel better.Black and my Latino ladies are better without them.

    howver,beyonce is black,light skin to light golden medium brown i love her lace front EXTREMELY NATURAL LOOKIN NICE HAIR wig,weave extension.love it.life too short to care who has wat.get urs then your not goin to be so worried jealous over others.

    Paula Patton is blk,look hispanic or Mix,dr almost.or som etc. but she black,love her,look beautiful woman.

    and on the subject of black men dating white women i NEVER
    as a LATINO see successful rich or got it goin on white women
    date black men hell even some latino men.

    I think this is a fact,black men date scrub white women who look bad,desperate.

    kjust had to add this.i NEVER see a successful white lady date a black man,just not so good lookin black men get a ugly white chick,so i find this funny.

  • Bored & Surfing the Net

    I will say that our society places a stigma on WM/BF relationships. I see that stigma gradually dying, but it seems to want to hang on. Celebrities tend to have superficial relationships anyway, regardless of who they’re with, so holding up the celebs as examples of successful WM/BF relationships is a weak argument. In my everyday life, I do occasionally see white men with black women, but it’s rare (for now).

  • tayla

    there are more successful white men with black women than successful black men with white women…THE TRUTH

    for the full list and pictures..watch this video


    ^^^ and most are still together

  • nanail08

    My friends told me about — BlackwhiteCupid. C’ 0- M —–told It’s the best place to meet black white singles. Come in and stay a while. Complete your profile. Post a message, a picture of yourself and check out the photo galleries.

    Give it a try, you will find someone you like there… 😉

  • Enamored

    Why is there so much animosity amongst us as a people? as humans? It starts with you… me… here… now. I am half Hispanic and half Italian… divorced twice. My first wife was Hispanic and my second wife was Caucasian. Last night… I’ve been single for sometime now… I met a woman. A Black Woman. I asked for and received her phone number and I gave her mine as well… we talked for so long… her eyes glistened with a spirit than I could never have imagined if I had not experienced it for myself. I felt as though she and I were the only two people in the entire world and I, for the time we spent together sitting and talking, was at peace. I texted her the next morning and told her how happy I was to have met her and how I looked forward to talking with her again. I hope I see her again. She’s very successful… I am as well if I may be so bold as to say. But none of that was spoken of and none of those things mattered… I don’t know if we will ever see each other again but I definitely made my interest known. Who knows where this will go…. maybe nowhere… but if it does… I hope she loves herself which prepetuates someone else loving her… I hope she will understand how those few minutes affected me so profoundly. I hope everyone feels something so deeply and so pure that no one would dare impune it’s beauty by insulting it’s very existence… I hope they would celebrate with me in experiencing the very best part of being human. We exchanged texts and laughed… she went off to work in her office… I hope she contacts me again. I can’t wait.

    • Enamored (now heart broken)

      She never texted me… or called… or emailed… and she said she would. I’m so sad now… well… that’s how things go sometimes… I guess. I still loved talking to her those few moments that I did. Guess only I felt something special… best wishes Tonnae. You’re something special… I hope someone has already told you so. Peace.

  • Hunterdelian

    Does anyone have Spell check?

  • Stacy

    Wow. I just read your comment about black men not deserving credit for anything because all they did was build mud huts. You are a truly ignorant person. All the countries the ‘black countries’ that are poor and are in civil war is because european nations wiped out all their resources then turned around and sold both sides guns for profits. If you read a book you would know that. Black people in America have contributed to society majorly blacks invented: the stop light, pull out couches, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, refrigerators, toilets that flush, cultured preservatives to keep food fresh and the list goes on and on. You need to educate yourself!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We know all about celebrity marriages. Most of the black women are half white and married to white men. Talk about all-black common people, not people with money who do whatever they can pay money to do. They marry today, cheat tonight, file for divorce tomorrow, and take the richer one for $400 million dollars the next day. So boring! It has been happening since television was invented, no since Adam and Eve. What’s the big deal about being married to a white man? A good man is a better flavor, even if he is white. Men cheat so much that marriage is becomming unattractive. What’s the use? A good man, please, or nothing!

  • Anonymous


    Making spears and building mud huts is better than killing women and children and stealing their land and calling yourselves heroes. I would hate for Jesus to be your neighbor. You would treat him like a dog. He did not have anything or accomplish world greatness as you brag about. All He did was preach the truth. He did not have a lot of clothes, money, a donkey, or anything worth much. He was poor, yet he impacted the world more than any man who has ever lived in the world. Why do you think He chose to remain poor? The answer is one that you have yet to learn. The things you brag about is not what true life is all about. You spit out hatred, and that is what Jesus taught against. “What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Now, that you think that you are sitting on top of the world, what next? You are still poor because you have not love and charity. What credit is due to you?

    I find it amazing that white men are always  trying to prove that they are better and greater than anyone in the world, especially blacks. You have done great worldy things, but that haughty attitude will cause your downfall. You exercise too much hatred. Of all the races in the world, the black race is the one you are always wrestling. Blacks and whites remind me of two little boys flexing their muscles and declaring that each is bigger than the other.  Why do you do this? What are you afraid of? The only thing you have to fear is what you have caused.

  • Black girl

    All of my aunts are white. I am a black female.  I was raised by my white aunts.  I wish people would get over the whole color thing.

    • Kelvin Pierce31

      I bet you sleep with white. And the division of the socalled black male and female started during the Women’s Live movement. Welfare and child support also pushed this devision by promoting kicking the so-called black man out of the home in order to receive state financial assistance. White supremacy has been and still is the number one enemy of the so-called black race.
      Psycalogical warfare is the most successful form of slavely.

      • Ebony in Hartford

        “Women’s Live”? For real? Oh, good Lord!


    Every statment posted is wrong.When does the pointing of race stops?She’s black or he’s white.Stop with the race being call to attention.People are people.We have bad whites in america and good.We have bad blacks in america and good.So on that;LET COLOR CALLING GO.

    • JC

      Tina Lear history the pyramids were built by Egyptians as in Arabs. Also blacks in America did not build Aneruca how could they when they couldn’t read? They were slaves not builders they worked fields of crops they did not have the education to build buildings and empires as the whites did, just look at Africa as we speak the only civilized parts of Africa is the north because of the meditteranian and Arab peoples and the south due to the English where there is all black it disease ridden and desperately poor. Please wake up and stop the everyone is equal garbage.

      • J-Lea

        WOW! so you’re saying that a person’s mental capacity is dictated by their skin color?? smh I really feel sorry for you. The reason Africa is so “disease ridden, and poor” is because of several factors. All of which have nothing to do with their skin tone. Or RACE. You have intelligent and foolish people in all races and nationalities. so I think YOU need to wake up. This equality of which you speak depends on what you’re talking about. Complete equality can never exist because every individual is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses. However, if you mean, “everyone” as in the different races, of course we are all equal. Negroes are no better or worse than Caucasians, who are no better or worse than Asians, who are no better or worse than Indians. And that is a fact. Every Race is built up of individuals who are separated by NOTHING more than external features and genes… so how can you say that another RACE is better than another? because their hair is straight? because their lips are thinner? because their skin is lighter? because their eyes are lighter colored? Because that is the only thing that separates one race from the other… are people really that superficial? And I have to remind you that you have light and dark skinned negroes, light and dark skinned indians, light and dark skinned arabs, light and dark skinned asians… etc…. The Human race has been mixing and mingling for thousands of years. That’s why you will have women like Angelina Jolie with plump lips that are a primarily Negro feature. and you will have women like Halle Berry who also have caucaian features. What is “RACE” we are ALL mixed with other “races” whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

      • jbflash

        Read Bigot
        Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James

      • dudu

        Sorry darling,but who told you that the pyramids built by Arabs? the people who lived in ancient Egypt and built the pyramids are the Nubian.Who are black people.who have been driven from their ancestors land beside the river Nile into the desert by the so called Arabs. I can tell you’re Egyptian because this bullshit always said by you.

  • Anonymous

    You seriously don’t know that it’s “could have been” and not “could of been”?

  • It is clear to me that this issue brings out aot of insecurities, and hatred!

    I would like to offer my experience in life. Love is hard, marrying the man you love is easy.

    I have dated almost every race, b/c I am a social butterfly. I have travelled the world, and have tons of friends that are not black, as just as many that are black. But as a black woman, I wanted to marry a black man, it’s what I dreamed about for years. I am attracted to dark skin, and the swagger of black men… Nothing like it.

    When I first met my now husband , we dated for several years. We broke up, and remained friends. I searched the world for a better match, but I am telling you, my best mate was right infont of my face, an itallian-american male. Wow. Wtf.

    He is an engineer, I am a doctor, but we met as students. Together, We bring in 700k/year, have a beatiful house, vacation well…We have three beautiful children, the sex is still steamy after 12 years….our families love eachother, and our relationship is based on love, trust, respect, and faith in GOD.

    My message? Follow your heart, to bell w/ the rest of them.hapiness is hard to find, long last marriage is unfortunately becomming harder to accomplish. find happiness in yourself first. Be open to all races, ages, backgrounds. Love may be around the corner and you miss it b/c you are close minded!

  • Gabríella

    Can you guys calm down please. Why does the color of skin matter?why are you getting mad at opinions.
    @Megan I disagree completely with you but that’s your opinion I’m not going to get angry.
    Anyway opinions are opinions. I’m for whatever relationship makes people happy regardless of colors or disabilities or body shapes

  • John

     There are no  100% black people in Usa they all have some white on them now biatch!!!

  • Awake

    Interracial relationships between black men and white women are stereotypical and attention seeking; usually about lust and a f**k.  They are a sham misrepresenting a love relationship and they don’t last.  On the other hand,interracial relationships between black women and white men are usually substantive and based on mutual respect,love and admiration.  They are about something real and are long lasting.

    • Alexia

      I believe any relationship can be based on lust. I don’t think you ahold limit it to just white women and black men.But it is your opinion and I respect that.

    • Alexia

      I believe any relationship can be based on lust. I don’t think you ahold limit it to just white women and black men.But it is your opinion and I respect that.

    • jbflash

      Not so

  • Truth

    Unfortanately race is all around us, race is a social construct, I’m sure some would be surprised to learn that about 5% of the genes in someone who is white are considered black genes and about 20% of the genes in someone who is black are considered white genes. We have all cross polinated a million times over. I have heard negative things about black men dating white women which is sad because black men and white women are beautiful together. I have heard bad things about white men and black women which is also sad for the same reason. Whatever your racial background is is absolutely beauriful because it makes you who you are, Good for Robin and good for Paula also I dont think black men white women relationships are mentioned enough so I will leave you with Cuba Gooding Jr and his wife have been married almost twenty years now Go Cuba and Go Sara you rock !

  • BreakingStereotypes

    @MEGAN  I am a black female.. I have brown hair w/ natural
    blonde highlights since birth and dark blue eyes and my skin is the
    color of like.. rhianna .. and guess what? My boyfriend is Blonde w/
    Light Blue eyes and he is running back  *(Lucas)* haha and like Jekiah
    ,  I’d be filthy rich if I had a
    dollar every time a white guy asked me out.. In fact I think more white

    guys has asked me out then black, and I was born and raised in Detroit,
    lived in Chicago for a year or two.. Indiana for about 3 years.. and now
    I’m in Ga.. and I have been here for 6 years.. and I have never had a
    problem with getting a white guy, black guy, Spanish guy, Italian guy,
    Russian guy, ect.. you want to know why? b/c  black women are
    beautiful.. and you  are here hating b/c no one talks about little
    rejected common breeds like you!*(psh blonde hair .. green eyes)*
    please, let me guess.. you bleach your hair.. so it’s probably dull and
    lifeless, (what do you know your hair matches you personality) your skin
    is probably pink.. or your clothes is dirty from all the self tanner ..
    or your peeling like a banana.. so your here pissed that you work so
    hard for what black women get naturally.. black women have smooth skin..
    and our hair can be worn in curls w/ volume or straight and shiny.. you
    should really get some counseling b/c with that attitude NO GUY would
    talk to you let alone touch you.. you know what? I’m done talking to you
    and entertaining your stupidity.. go ask you daddy why black women are
    amazing! I bet he could give you an ear full ;D

    • dontneedthetrash

      get your blackass back on the couch relegated to ghettogaggers.

  • Paulette Williamson

    Love, money and music. Don’t see color

  • BW areREALsad

    don’t be so proud of it hoe.

  • Daniel

    differences do not unite us – interracial relationships are about shock to societal norms – nothing more, nothing less.

  • alasia min

    Paula Patton is mixed, and so is Halle Berry so wtf. Someone who is half white is not black, they are only half black.

  • Michelle D Green McPherson

    love it. !!!!!!! i’m black and my boyfriend is white and we been together for two years now and he loves me and i love him the sparks never ends . i dated a black man before he is no different we were just not compatible , men are men it’s what’s in the heart not the coat that God gave us to wear

  • Ebony

    Here is a highly original idea, I think everybody should date who makes them happy regardless of color. End of story!

  • Joyce

    Where are David Bowie and Iman?!

  • …d(-_-)b…

    This is funny being that the stars synonymous for this dating pattern are all a generation if not a generation and a half older that the readers and editors reporting and renaming this old practice for five seconds of notariety. Now when the shoe is on the other foot, there’s all this unspoken taboo and I don’t want to mention all of the media scrutiny and ill-received looks! So how about this for a change, how about just not working so hard to overstate the painstakingly obvious for career shock value. Instead you should point out some a little more significant, like weather or not the couple genuinely seems happy.