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6-Year-Old Killed After 18 Rounds From Assault Rifle Are Fired Into Home


Three Alabama men have been charged with capitol murder after being accused of killing a 6-year-old girl in a drive by shooting on Tuesday (January 4).

Aaron McDowell, 18, of Alexander City, Bernard Nix, 17, of Alexander City, and Stalandus Slaughter, 25, of Eclectic were arrested Wednesday (January 5) and charged with the crimes.

The trio is accused of killing Kenyatta Kendrick and wounding her 19-year-old uncle Darren Kendrick in a drive by shooting that took place in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

The young girl was shot in the chest as she slept.


Kenyatta Kendrick

Darren Kendrick was struck once in the left hip and once in the left ankle and is in stable condition.

The house was hit by at least 18 rounds fired from a high-pow­ered rifle, according to authorities.

Also in the house at the time were Kenyatta’s mother, brother, and two un­cles.

Authorities still have not revealed who the target of the shooting was citing their ongoing investigation, but believe one of the three men had an ongoing beef with someone in the house.

The McDowell, Nix and Slaughter are being held in the El­more County Jail without bond on the capital murder charges. Additional charges, possibly attempted murder charges, could be filed against them also.



Aaron McDowell, 18, of Alexander City; Bernard Nix, 17, of Alexander City; and Stalandus Slaughter, 25, of Equality, Alabama



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  • Jimi

    Look at that little girl, so full of life, then look at the three already lifeless thugs. Their lives were extinguished long ago, and now they’re just a burden on society. Their parents should be so proud of their little boys and how well they were raised (in front of a tv, no doubt).

  • Artcity

    Why this old head hanging with them young boys anyway

  • These fools need to be locked up for the rest of their lives. It’s a damn shae that whatever beef or argument that was going on claimed the life of an innocent child. These politicians running around here need to seriously do something about the escalating crime in our cmmunities before there’s nothing left.


  • Mika T

    What a shame! God is gonna step in and end the madness before man destroys the entire world and everything precious in it! R.I.P Baby Girl! :*(

  • keys

    Wow. that rele messed up and rele sad. 6 yrs old. wow

  • Those guys are sorry ghetto trash who should go to hell!

    Hip Hop Site

  • seriously this black on black crime needs to stop. We are doing what they want us to do. Kill each other off. Ugh poor little baby. She didnt deserve this. She had so much life to live. May she r.i.p. My heart goes out to her family.

  • shehiplocki23

    my heart breaks for this little girl. i am so tired of black people killing each other !! can’t they see that we are killing the next generation and imprisoning the rest!! we need to stop putting our children in these situations that jeopardize their lives!!