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Lupe Fiasco Calls Rush Limbaugh And Glenn Beck Racists, Calls Out President Obama [Audio]


Lupe Fiasco is never one to hold back and his latest track “Words I Never Said” proves no different.

On Tuesday, the Chi-town rapper released the track featuring Skylar Grey who lends vocals while he calls out FOX News’ Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck before firing on President Obama.

On the track a brazen Wasalu raps about his qualms with the war on terror calling it “bullShyte” and an excuse to “use all your bullets” before he rips into the figureheads.

According to Lupe Beck and Limbaugh are racists and Obama’s lack of action in the Gaza Strip solidified his reasons for not voting for him.

He also adds that he won’t be voting for The President when he runs for reelection in 2012.

“Limbaugh is a racist/ Glenn Beck is a racist/Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say Shyte/That’s why I didn’t vote for him/Next one either/ I’m a part of the problem/ My problem is I’m peaceful/ And I believe in the people.”

The message of the song is apparent in one line however when Lupe speaks on his abhorrence for silence.

“I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence/ fear is such a weak emotion/ that’s why I despise it…”

Listen to Lupe speak out on Limbaugh, Beck and Obama on “Words I Never Said” below.



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  • durrrr

    ignorant fools not voting. yes, you ARE part of the problem. and trying to make it cool not to vote means you are doing exactly what THEY want you to do.

    • syn11

      he never says he didnt vote … just that he didnt vote for Obama … listen before you speak …

      • hugs


        so he voted for Mccain? doubt it. THINK before you defend stupidity… stupid

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Ungrateful,disconnected mf! Smh

  • Mack

    Vote!!! Lupe Fiasco for President

  • billyblocks

    lupe might be the best out right now

  • The Cynic

    100% the TRUTH!!!

  • Boxman

    I agree wholeheartedly with Lupe on about 90% of what he said, especially having to do with education reform, the “news” media, and processed food production. He’s spot on there.

    However, he kinda lost me when he mentioned the Building 7 conspiracy theory. I agree the War on Terror, at this point, is based on BS, but 9/11 was real and didn’t happen because of Bush, as much as I hate his presidency. I agree that Obama’s foreign policy is basically Mini-Bush, but to not vote for him in 2012 is a vote for a Tea Party radical. In foreign policy, he’s unfortunately Bush III, but domestically he’s the most accomplished president since FDR. He’s got my vote in 2012. I’m glad Lupe thinks for himself and doesn’t just like Obama because he’s black, though.

    Excellent track which makes you think about all the BS in the world.

  • thesaneone

    Lupe has a mind of his own and I really respect that about him. however, not voting for obama is giving the tea party that much more power. I’ve never been 100% behind any president…but I think Obama is trying is best right now.

  • wow

    He didn’t say he wasn’t going to vote at all…so lets not assume anything that makes us look like an a$$. Plus everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I will be voting but I need to see all of the candidates first.


    @Yummylicious Yeeeessssss! I Agree w/ Ur Comment,100%

  • Ash

    Not a fan anymore. Politics are politics and we may often not be benefited but people died so that we could have this right. I’m dont believe in politicians nor their promises but I DO VOTE! Did you guys forget??? We havent had this right that long…

  • unseen

    just because he didn’t vote for Obama doesn’t mean he voted for McCain. If you looked at the ballot you would have seen that Cynthia Mckinney(a very qualified black female) was also on the ballot. that is the problem with us as black Americans, how can we read between the lines when we don’t read?

  • King Salam


  • Joseph

    Wait a minute, if he says something about Obama, he’s ungrateful – a sellout? Or, would he be misinformed or brainwashed? No matter what Lupe says, he has the right to say it just as we have the right to our own opinion! I’m a conservative who listens to Rush Limbaugh and I’m not offended. Lupe is one of the best in Hip Hop right now – period! I love his music not his political beliefs – clowns!


    i have NO respect for black people who dont exercise their right to vote im sorry but i look down on people with that mind set
    when i think about all the people who died and risked their life for that simple right it angers me black people are still sitting around giving other people power and then have THEE NERVE to complain about whats going on
    Obama aint in anyway shape or form perfect but not voting for him will give republicans and the people lupe lable as “racist” that much more power ,so to me he completely contradicts himself
    yall saying this doesnt mean he didnt vote so who the hell did he vote for then??
    i respect lupe as a rapper and i respect his intellectual raps but trying to sound all suave and encourage people to not vote just turned me all the way off
    and no one is forced to vote your right but dont be yapping your mouth about shyt when things get really bad.
    republicans want the black youth to think like this its all about divide and conquer to them so they can push their agenda and im astonished you idiots have yet to realize that. and im 100% sure the tea party and the republican agenda is much more HAZARDOUS to the black community then obama’s


    so before you praise this guy realize the dangers of sitting back and letting shyt happen
    yall wonder why black people are still ignored in politics…perhaps its because they know we dont even get off our azzes to vote
    i swear this community is soooo BLIND even when yall think yall know shyt you really dont

  • Matty77

    Calling someone a racist without actually knowing is very ignorant. Just because liberal news says someone is racist doesn’t make it true. They have an agenda also. I didn’t vote for Obama either. I also didn’t vote for McCain. If the black community wants to support a black politician they should look into and research Congressman Allen West. He is a very smart man and is doing great things in yhr US Congress.

  • btone31

    To the ones that said that Lupe does vote, but not for Obama, he actually doesn’t vote period. Just browse through different sites and you’ll know what I’m talking about. No vote= STFU because your opinion means nothing.