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Ne-Yo Calls Out Auto-Tune Users [Video]


Ne-Yo Slams Auto-Tune Users

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo set the record straight in an interview with Amaru Don TV about vocalists using the auto-tunes effect.

Ne-Yo explains that auto-tunes was originally meant to assist singers during studio sessions that may miss notes due to overexertion or fatigue while recording.

“Auto-tune was meant to be a safety net,” he states. “It was not meant to be wings, you were not supposed to strap it on your back and jump off the building.”

Ne-Yo is referring to the artists that have taken the vocal effect and made it their signature sound as opposed to genuine singers that use it to catch notes that fall out of place.

He compares them to robots, calls the technique wack and claims that it takes the character out of the artists’ voices making them unrecognizable. “You hear it on the radio and you go, ‘who is that?’…because everybody sounds the same.”

Ne-Yo also spoke about the mixture of love and the music business. Likening the two entities to oil and water, he breaks down the parts of the industry that make it difficult to have a serious relationship.

Although Ne-Yo may have found “the one” in his life, women throw themselves at him constantly. He shares how he must turn them down sincerely without ruining his image and how hard it is to be with someone like him.

“It’s very, very difficult for any woman to be with any entertainer, or ball player, or whatever the case may be…you have to be a very strong, very sure of yourself woman in order to do it.”

Peep the knowledge dropped by the award-winning singer.



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  • Ne-Yo is an honest man with a pure heart. That is a good thing^^.

  • lightysgirl

    On point and so so true!

  • personally…

    I would prefer Ne-Yo ignore everyone else and focus on him making better music. His latest efforts have seem uninspired and are boring.

  • Tiphanie

    LOL!! “T-Pain & Kanye”?? Don’t forget NICKI MINAJ!!!

  • Groucho

    Drake is using Auto Tune as well as a lot of others. It doesn’t always sound like the robot effect. It can be toned down but still used to make it sound like one can sing. Textbook example, Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of ATL

  • dcgirl

    how about black eye peas n during the super bowl- in my opinion worst half time show ever… Not hating on the auto-tune i think its a unique sound but its been played out already.

  • we all know t-pain can’t sing he has to use auto-tune on every song. t-pain should be named T-LAME

  • Sasquatch

    Nothing new about auto-tunes. Cher rinsed it out thoroughly on her monster 90s hit “Believe” and now fools think it’s something fresh because T-Pain and Kanye jumped on the band-wagon 9 years later.