death of auto-tune

After such a monstrous year like 2009, Jay-Z has a lot to look back on and be happy with. With “Empire State Of Mind” becoming the New York anthem and scoring his 11th number one album, Jay has some momentum on him. He has now become an international superstar. It must be for that exact […]

For those that thought that grown men do grown things, sometimes that isn’t the case. An alleged attack from T-Pain, through Twitter, on rapper Fabolous, sent the Brooklyn MC into go mode as he released a “Tweet” slaughter on the singer. Those that know the history are aware of the fact that the two have […]

A momentous occasion has essentially been spoiled as a result of a leak that brought the trilogy of The Blueprint series out the gate prematurely. In order to save what is left for anticipation, Jay-Z’s eleventh studio album has been pushed up three days and will be released tomorrow. Although no reports have been given […]

As September is only around the corner and anticipation could be at an all time max for the Brooklyn MC, the cover art for Jay-Z’s upcoming Blueprint III has been released. With white instruments serving as a backdrop, the cover is highlighted by three red vertical stripes which could serve as the emblem for the […]

Immediately following the BET awards, fans got to see the world premiere of Jay Z’s “Death of Auto-Tune” video. Jamie Foxx premiered it on the awards post show saying, “Death to auto-tune except for me. That damn ‘Blame It ‘ is doing some things…Jigga gotta give me a pass!” The video opens in a dark […]