For those that thought that grown men do grown things, sometimes that isn’t the case. An alleged attack from T-Pain, through Twitter, on rapper Fabolous, sent the Brooklyn MC into go mode as he released a “Tweet” slaughter on the singer.

Those that know the history are aware of the fact that the two have worked together in the studio as they put together “Baby Don’t Go” for Fab’s album, From Nothin’ To Somethin’.

The issue came to a boil after there was belief that T-Pain had dissed him with a royal “Fawk You” through Twitter. Such a comment might have stemmed from Fab letting everyone know that Pain was throwing dirt on Jay-Z’s name during a show in Vegas as he decided to make a very late response to the record “Death of Autotune.” The problem that arose with that is the fact that Pain came out beside Jay when he actually performed the song, so the diss makes no actual sense.

Regardless, Fab decided to go the dozens on Pain after reading the message, but was unaware of the fact that it came from someone only posing and was not the real singer. Clearly the news was received too late as Fab went back to his DJ Clue days to let the singer have it.

Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I didn’t think that it was too cool to talk trash about someone through AIM or text, so what would make anyone think that it’s acceptable with Twitter. I tell ya, too much thumb wrestling but no one will battle.

Well moving along, Fab must have seen the error of his waves, realizing that it wasn’t “King Auto-Tune” who sent darts his way. During an interview with Angie Martinez on New York radio station Hot 97, Fabolous manned up and stated:

“He called me, he hit me, he texted me and said to call him. At first, I just apologized because I kinda jumped out the window a little bit and didn’t even check into it before I knew what I was doing. I apologized for that. Then he was explaining the whole thing with Jay, how he felt Jay was coming at him a little bit and I told him, ‘I just heard an interview this morning with Jay…on a morning show…saying you were one of the guys who brought it back to music and he respected you for doing it plus a few other people but he didn’t like the whole genre of music jumping on Auto-Tune….’

I never felt like he (Jay) was coming at him (T-Pain) but that’s him and Jay’s conversation. Our thing was just over the whole Twitter thing. I had to backdown because I really provoked it, but still, I got some false information…This is how stuff starts in the industry.”

Duhhh…Ya think???

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