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LAPD Covering Up Notorious B.I.G Murder Evidence?


Updated Evidence Supports LAPD Cover Up In Notorious B.I.G. Murder

The murder of The Notorious B.I.G is one of hip-hop’s cold cases that may never get solved. Fourteen years after the fatal night Christopher Wallace left a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in California and a black Chevy Impala rolled up beside his SUV, the LAPD’s involvement is still in question.

In 2005, a civil suit was filed by Wallace’s family against the city of L.A after it was discovered that there was evidence being hidden by the police force linking two undercover officers, David Mack and Rafael Perez to the crime and the label Death Row Records.

David Mack

Both Mack and Perez were later convicted of other crimes. Mack for bank robbery while Perez stole and resold cocaine from police evidence lockers.

Now according to KCAL 9, A cellmate of Perez recently provided new information supporting a cover up of the incidents that took place on March 9th, 1997 to news station.

“Perez was working security. Perez had a cell phone. Perez said he called over to Mack, David Mack on his cell phone. Perez told Mack that Biggie Smalls was in his truck. Perez never said that he set up Biggie Smalls but I have heard that he…had something to do with that murder,” according to the inmate.

Rafael Perez

He also tied the officers to Death Row Records, claiming they went to all of their parties.

Former lead investigator, Russell Poole says these statements are just a glimpse into hundreds of pages of documents that were hidden from Wallace family attorneys.

Poole, who resigned from the LAPD in 1999 says that the LAPD has a reason to hide the officers’ involvement. The Rodney King beating, the riots that followed, and the verdict in the O.J. Simpson case were all blemishes on the track record of the department.

If two minority officers had something to do with the killing of a rap superstar, especially while one of them was on-duty, the city would face embarrassment, racial tension and be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Is that enough reason to keep this case cold?

Mack and Perez have both served their sentences and are free today.



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  • QueenBii

    1st!!! /// Ok not suprised. Police fabricate Shyte all the time!

  • Da Angel

    Its really sad

  • No surprise… or just more crap. Cops are just like anyone else… problem is the courts give them extra juice. For your enjoyment, click on my name to see a list of links to all the 97 jails in LA County. That’s right… ninety-seven!