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The Breakfast Club Responds To Funkmaster Flex Diss: "You Don't Want These Pictures To Ruin A Happy Home" [Video]


After the controversy surrounding the Mr. Cee altercation, Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex sent out a subliminal shot towards Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club morning show.

However, the Breakfast Club was not so subliminal with their response, taking a direct shot at Flex during Charlemagne Tha God’s “Donkey of the Day” segment.

Playing the clip from Funk Flex’s show last night, Charlemagne responded with straight bullets, saying that it’s not their problem that Flex’s friend likes Trannies, and if they want to beef, they will end it quickly with pictures of Flex that will ruin his family.

“You the big bad wolf in the city huh, you like to huff and puff and blow cities down huh? You can huff and puff but lets be real, the only thing being blown down is ya boy Mr. Cee by Trannies.”

Charlemagne continues his rant on Flex saying that if he really wants to get involved in a beef, The Breakfast club will be sure to end it quickly.

“We can play however you want to play, these pictures we got can absolutely break up a happy home.  We can leave it where its at, or we can go, and you don’t want to go where these pictures will take it.”

Peep the video below to hear the full diss at Flex, and let us know what kind of pictures you think the 105.1 crew are talking about.


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  • Mz Barbi3

    hiphopwired stays with the exclusive!! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! http://www.loot6.com

  • Charm goes in…lol He a real dude to me also. He says what he feels right or wrong. Its not a good look to be messing with trannies. If u like men cool. If you like chicks cool..But when u like trannies thats a whole new level of strange..lol

  • Imin

    Wow! Get Him Charlamagne. Flex is an old bully and his time is up! He been barkin, and talkin, and disrespectin women.

  • bonitta

    You gotta love charlemagne…….reppin sc

  • homo_thugs_smh


  • ayo

    hey yo. there wasn’t any controversy. Mr Cee was getting “$$$$” by a dude plain and simple. He is what he is and he got caught. Let keep itreal cause this is real, it aint no damn controversy, its real.

  • fee

    And u got to remember he was down with WENDY and u no they were dropping all kinds of stuff on her lap as far as rumors ,tapes and pics of celebs I remember her getting getting a pic of a celeb doing something and she told him to look at this and there response was like OMG they never said what it was but u get my drift ……… He know stuff !!

  • Peppa

    Charlemaine is obviously DL. Well he isn’t really DL, because it is obvious to me he is gay. I cannot wait until his dirt comes out. I am going to be soooooo HAPPY. I hate people like him. They sit back and make a living off of talking ish about people.

  • Flex is a butt pirate too.

  • RB3Z

    Why is it that black people fall victim to the media and do as the enemy wants them to? Why is it that we attack eachother just to say that we are number one. I am not from New York and have never heard of The Breakfast Club. I am sure they are good at what they do. Flex may have come completely wrong, but to attack his family life like that is terrible. One black man breaking up another black man’s home……Who is the real house Ni**ga? Really