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Nick Cannon Reincarnates Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" [Video]


Nick Cannon Borrows Michael Jackson’s Look For “Famous” Teaser Feat. Akon [Video]

Nick Cannon is taking time off from baby-making, beefing with Eminem and acting to do what we all love him for the most…music?

In what may be a tribute that comes off more like a spoof, Mariah Carey’s man has donned garbs similar to that of the legendary Michael Jackson in his “Rock With You” video for his own vid entitled “Famous” which features Akon.

In this teaser we see Nick with a curly wig mimicking the moves of the late pop king. Nick states, “I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, so to be in that ‘Rock With You’ costume and have it look exactly like the video was crazy.”

Crazy indeed, maybe it was even delusional to think that this would be an acceptable recreation to pull off.  Or maybe this was just good fun comedy since Cannon will take on the images of  MC Hammer, Antoine Dodson, Gene Simmons and other performers in teasers that are on the way.

Although we can’t wait, this one may rub some folks the wrong way. You tell us what you think and if you’re not in the know about Mike’s visual, keep scrolling down and see how it’s really done.

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  • boy plez

    Can sumone get him a chair so he can sit his a** down?

    • sholla21

      ROTFLMAO!!! I stopped watching after 10 seconds. SMH.

  • man yall tripen but its all good good peoples

  • Kathryn

    Omg… NO! Smdh

  • Oh!!! Feelings hurt? Sorry didn’t know a Nick fan still existed!

  • SWB

    Nick wasn’t trying to dis Mike. Not sure what he had in mind, but he got love and respect for Mike.

  • merary

    ??? what the hell??? i dont hate nick cannon but it’s hard to say that what he did was good work ’cause it’s hard to follow the late king of pop, but weird…

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  • carole dubois

    Oh my how funny! But seriously no one can beat the King Of Pop and thats a fact! There will never be another Michael Jackson and thats the truth!! No one can beat him. He is awesome

  • Anna Wirt

    Not sure if Nick was seriously trying to imitate MJ or if it is a sort of spoof, but if one has to ask which, then he didn’t really hit the mark. If seriously trying to imitate, he was over-the-top. MJ had this finesse about him that is impossible to imitate (at least I haven’t seen it yet in any artist since MJ). If a spoof, then it wasn’t really funny. Sorry, Mr. Cannon. Try again….or not.

  • Tiny tiny tiny

    LOL!! Wwwwoooooowwww!!! LOL! He was doing some moves Mike wasn’t doing yet!! LOL! Oh Nick Cannon don’t ya just love him!