One such person is getting a grand lesson that Hammer, also known as MC Hammer, was about that action in those streets despite his dance-friendly music and image.

Back in December 2013, it was discovered that MC Hammer had an outstanding tax bill of $800,000 dating back to his 1990s dominance in Hip-Hop music.

Members of the Hip-Hop community and law enforcement on any level have always shared a toxic relationship. Given the nature of content of what the music is built upon, it shouldn’t be expected to be any other way.

Jay Z has been lyrically none too kind towards MC Hammer’s financial struggle over the years but sadly, the IRS seems to agree.

Remember that time Jay Z rapped about MC Hammer losing millions, and the latter reacted? Well now we know Hammer’s biggest beef should be with the IRS, since they hit the Bay Area rapper with a $800K tax bill.

The future of rap isn’t just about topping charts and making hits, there’s also a struggle section. It’s not enough to start at the top and end up in struggle, these days you get just as much press for going the opposite route.

Charges filed against MC Hammer stemming from a run-in with police last month, have been dropped, according to the Bay Area rapper. Hammer was arrested at a mall in Northern California in late February.

MC Hammer was arrested in Dublin, Calif. Thursday (Feb. 21)  for obstruction, and claims to have been racially profiled. In a series of tweets, the legendary rapper blasted reports that he resisted police.

The legendary MC Hammer made a surprise appearance last night at the American Music Awards to close the show. 

MC Hammer helped put Oakland, Calif. on the map, and now will make his love for the Bay Area city where he’s from, official by becoming its tourism spokesperson, reports All HipHop. Under his new gig, the 50-year-old will participate in a new marketing campaign titled “Oakland. To know it is to love it,” where he […]

Barack Obama has always been a Hip-Hop friendly guy, but this takes the cake. A super cut styled video has been created that takes words from the POTUS’ speeches and strings them together to create the lyrics of MC Hammer’s smash hit “U Can’t Touch This.”

Rappers are real characters. In life and sometimes on television. Some rappers have attained such incredible popularity that they have been immortalized in some of the most iconic cartoon shows in television history. Some of them have even had their own cartoon show to really show out in. From the Hip-Hop favorites like The Boondocks to the […]