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The future of rap isn’t just about topping charts and making hits, there’s also a struggle section.

It’s not enough to start at the top and end up in struggle, these days you get just as much press for going the opposite route.

Because we here at Hip-Hop Wired keep you up on all the struggle news (we have an entire section dedicated to it), we decided to layout a sure fire plan that will set any aspiring, or mid-level rapper, on the fast-track to a career of bad decisions.

Not that we like to bask in missteps, but with less than two full months left in 2013 –and a new struggle entry every hour— now seems like the perfect time to address this growing trend.

So, if you’re looking to jump head-first into a career-damaging pool of f*ckery, here are a few steps (in no particular order) to push  you in the right direction. Consider this the evolution of 9 Signs You Are A Struggle Rapper.

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