On Twitter, the aforementioned struggle rap icons are getting ferociously slandered and the reasons should be self-explanatory.

Ghostface Killah is challenging the new generation to do right by the culture.

Ever heard of a performer with the stage name Chad Focus? If your is answer is no then get prepared to hear all about him and his grand master scammer escapades.

Chet Haze has seen the error of his ways. The son of Tom Hanks is saying drug abuse led him to use Hip-Hop’s favorite racial slur.

Uncle Diddy has had enough of the rampant shark biting. He took to social media to voice his concerns.


Thot King has gone from making rap videos to being careful not to drop the soap. Back in June, the Columbus, Ohio rapper born Eric. D. Chavis plead guilty to recruiting underage girls to appear in his music videos, and he was just sentenced to 15 years in the bing. 

The 1990s were a tumultuous time for Hip-Hop. While the music and culture was becoming a global phenomenon, there were plenty of artists hopping on the bandwagon and making heavy bank with minimal actual rap skills. 

Over the weekend, two alleged “best friends,”  and struggle rappers, got into a heated argument about who was the better artist (seriously) at their video shoot, which left one of them shot multiple times and in the hospital. Footage of the incident has been released and to say that it’s shocking is an immense understatement. 

Struggle rappers are clearly their own worst enemies. Early Saturday morning (August 2), while on the set of their video in the Bronx, two rappers got into argument over who was better, and one shot the other.

Struggle rappers come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. The problem is some don’t even know they fall into this category.

To celebrate Twitter’s eighth birthday, the social media site opened up its archive for us to find our first tweet. And with the access, we did what anybody with a soul would do — look up the born-day tweets of our favorite struggle rappers.

Lil Kim shocked the world this morning when word broke that the Queen Bee has a baby bee in her stomach.