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Uncle Diddy has had enough of the rampant shark biting. He took to social media to voice his concerns.

In a recent post to his Instagram account, Brother Love seemed disturbed with the lack originality in Hip-Hop. While seated in his car he voiced what many lovers of the art have been feeling.

“It is literally too much. Everybody saying the same sh*t in different ways. You have to be special, you have to be unique” he explained.

His caption further elaborated his point. ” Artists have to be special, you have to be unique. Don’t just be apart of the noise.”

Apparently, this clip got people in their feelings prompting to clear up his intentions via an IG live video.

“I wanted to readdress what I was talking about yesterday. Everything I said yesterday was with positive intentions. I want it to remain that way. My thing is to push people to be great. I’m not no moral compass on who’s wack and who’s hot. You can like whoever you want. I was just sharing some tips on how to get to the bag and originality and something special is key.”

This is not the first time the Bad Boy mogul expressed disappointment with modern-day artists. Last year he posted something similar asking the game to stop cooning.