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While more and more celebrities are revealing that they at some point battled COVID in the past year (see Jim Jones and DJ Khaled most recently), Drake shocked fans that not only did he survive the Coronavirus, but it also caused him some hairline problems.

Responding to someone commenting on how his signature heart design in his wig piece was looking “stressed,” the 6 God acknowledged the look and took everyone by surprised when he said it was a result of him having had been infected with the Rona.

“I had Covid that shit grew in weird I had to start again 😂 it’s coming back don’t diss.”

WOW. We can’t say we saw that one coming. The news comes on the heels of both Jim Jones and DJ Khaled also having revealed that they had been battling the deadly virus, but luckily were able to come out of it with everything on the up and up… for now (long Covid IS a thing).

Still, the whole hairline thing is a new side-effect that we never heard of. The comment came after a pic of Drake in the studio began circulating and showed his heart hairline struggling to make a full comeback.

Well, we guess there’s another reason to fear getting the Coronavirus now. Struggle hairlines! Protect LeBron James at all costs!