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FILE: Baba Zumbi Of Zion I Has Reportedly Died At Age 49

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The Hip-Hop world is still reeling from the news that Baba Zumbi, also known as Zumbi of Zion I fame, has died. Now, the family of the artist born Steve Gaines has hired legal representation and is launching an investigation into the mysterious circumstances of Zumbi’s unfortunate passing.

By way of a new press release, Hip-Hop Wired has learned that the family of Zumbi has hired Elizabeth Grossman of Law Offices of Elizabeth Grossman, and Lyn Agre of Glenn Agre Bergman & Fuentes LLP to dig further into the details of his passing. Earlier reports suggested that Zumbi died of COVID-19 complications but the family believes that something is amiss and is demanding answers.

“We believe there are witnesses who know firsthand the facts leading to Stephen’s death. We urge anyone with information to reach out and share their knowledge confidentially with us at,” Grossman offered in a statement.

When the news of Zumbi’s death went wide, many online were rightly upset at the suddenness of the news and the lack of information available. Zumbi’s life partner, Millaray Rodriguez Avila, added in a separate statement to the fans and supporters saying, “Breathe and be still as we gather the necessary facts surrounding Steve’s departure.

Reps for Zumbi’s family say that a musical tribute and celebration of life will take place this coming Sunday (August 22) at the Township Commons at Brooklyn Basin at 1 PM local time in Oakland, Calif. More details can be found over at Zion I’s Instagram account. When new information arises, Hip-Hop Wired will provide updates as we receive them.

Once more, our hearts are with the family of Steve “Zumbi” Gaines and all those who knew and loved him. We too are huge fans of Zion I and we mourn as well.

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