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T.O. Settles Child Support Dispute

Football star Terrell Owens has put an end to the child support issues between himself and his baby mama.

According to reports, the NFL star paid the child support he owed, and the mother of his child has dropped her plans to take Owens to court.

In late June, mother of Owens’ child, Melanie Paige Smith, claimed the NFL player refused to pay the full $5,000 a month in child support that Owens owed for June and filed papers to take him to court.

Smith’s lawyer, Randall Kessler, has now filed court papers to dismiss the request that Owens be held in contempt, stating that Owens has paid child support for June and July.

Owens is a free agent and cannot sign with a NFL team until after the league’s lockout has been resolved.

Surely a simple conversation between Owens and Smith could have prevented all of this.

Maybe something like, “Hey, Melanie, the NFL is in a lockout right, and I won’t be able to pay all my child support money this month. You know I have four kids. Things are kind of rough right now, but I promise I’ll get it to you when I can.”

Or maybe not…

We guess you have to do what you have to do when someone owes you money.