A high school football coach is in hot water for forcing one of his players to violate his religious beliefs by eating pork as a punishment for missing a practice.

The gridiron world has lost one of their most promising talents. A star running back has lost his life to gun violence.

Neymar will face a three-game suspension from his Paris Saint-Germain F.C. club after he was caught on video punching a fan in the face. The 27-year-old soccer star’s squad just lost a game to Stade Rennais F.C. in the French Cup finals and was forced to walk through the stands when a fan approached Neymar […]

Even though Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed he continues to carry the cross for the oppressed. Several players chose to demonstrate during the national anthem for the kick off of the 2018-2019 season.

As a member of the Baltimore Ravens, linebacker Ray Lewis defined intensity on the field along with a measurable bit of controversy off it. For his achievements on the field, Lewis rightly deserved to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame but his speech was so over the top that homie sweated through his jacket […]

Football is a way of life in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, Florida, and often a way out for many of the impoverished residents in the region. A new docuseries from STARZ and Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell titled Warriors of Liberty City will focus on the 2 Live Crew founder’s development of a youth […]

The rumors were true. Today (Jan. 25), WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced that he plans to bring back the XFL pro football league back by 2020.

University of Arkansas football player Jeremy Sprinkle was suspended for shoplifting at a Belk department store, days before playing in the Belk Bowl.

A youth football team in Rhode Island has been suspended for bringing in a 20-year old secret weapon.

A high school football player just made history in the state of Virginia. Cynthia Brown, 17, is believed to be the first female to throw a touchdown pass in a varsity game.

As the NFL prepares to deal with the new conversations Will Smith’s upcoming drama Concussion brings to the table, the notion of the gridiron as a whole is being maligned in the wake of a high school football player’s death during a “routine play.”

A former California high school football coach is being heralded by his players–old and new–for being an inspirational figure, but that didn’t prevent him from getting canned once his fellow coaching staff got wind of his side career as a rapper.