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A high school football player just made history in the state of Virginia. Cynthia Brown, 17, is believed to be the first female to throw a touchdown pass in a varsity game.

The Wilson High School student, her teammates and coach, came up with the play at half-time during a game last Friday (Sept. 11). “Coach Glenn Jenkins, he made it up with us,” said Brown. “He was like, ‘Are you comfortable throwing the ball?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m okay. I’ll throw it to Kevin [Whitfield].’ And he’s like, ‘We can do it.’”

Reports WRIC:

With the team trailing 14-0 and needing a spark, the Presidents lined up to punt. The ball arrived in the hands of Brown. She pulled back and threw to her senior teammate Kevin Whitfield, who proceeded to evade several tackles on his way to a dazzling 52-yard scamper to the endzone.

Neither are taking full credit.

“(Kevin) did amazing,” said Brown, while Whitfield said, “She made me look good.” Though in a bit of good jest, Whitfield preceded that compliment with, “I didn’t think she could throw, but I guess she proved me wrong.

“Young Vick,” said Whitfield, referring to Michael Vick.

Presidents coach Ronnie Ratliff almost didn’t see the play, because he was still frustrated over team failing to convert a third down the play prior. ” I was actually walking down the field… and I had my back turned,” said Ratliff. “The next thing I heard everybody screaming.

“I turn around and see Kevin just working his magic, and I’m like, ‘Wow! She really did throw a touchdown!’”

Brown’s touchdown throw has been getting plenty of play on the internet, with over 8,600 views on YouTube, and that number is likely to grow. “I wasn’t thinking about, ‘Oh man, I’m about to be famous,’” said Brown, referring to when they drew the play up.

Her football days will end once the fall season wraps up. She’s earned a full scholarship to play soccer at Radford University. Until that time, don’t count out the possibility of the coaching staff calling Brown’s number once again.

See more on Brown’s historic throw in the video below.

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