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Kanye West finally released his latest album, Donda, on Sunday (August 29), but it hasn’t been drama-free. According to Ye, the project was released by Universal, the home of his Def Jam recording home, without his permission.

Yeezy took to Instagram—where else?—to reveal the conundrum. “UNIVERSAL PUT MY ALBUM OUT WITHOUT MY APPROVAL AND THE BLOCKED JAIL 2 FROM BEING ON THE ALBUM,” wrote Ye in all caps, so you know he’s peeved.

“Jail” is the track with Jay-Z and Francis and the Lights while “Jail Pt. 2” features the same beat with the lineup additions of DaBaby and Marilyn Manson.

West also shared, and deleted, texts between him and his A&R/manager, Bu Thiam, that it was DaBaby’s management who wasn’t clearing his verse on “Jail Pt. 2.” However, it had been radio silence as to why. Yeezy clearly wanted DaBaby on the record, despite his recent homophobic commentary because the North Carolina rapper said he was would vote for him during his ill-fated run for President. Of course.

Guess Universal was done with the listening session antics and wanted to start making some of the coin they shelled out back? Donda is now on all the usual DSP’s, and so is “Jail 2.”

Soulja Boy isn’t on the album and feels a ways, though.